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Sawyer Howitt: An Innovative Entrepreneur

Meriwether Group is a company which helps entrepreneurs work towards their dreams. The company is full of vitality, innovation, and freshness. One of the aspects of this company that makes it so fresh and alive is the contribution of a young team member, Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt is one of David Howitt’s (founder of Meriwether Group) two children. Sawyer Howitt shows an astounding amount of business foresight at a very young age. He is able to comprehend the business aims of his clients and work with a team of high¬† level entrepreneurs hailing from large US corporations. Source:

Does being so young actually help Sawyer Howitt relate to business ventures? At Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is a Project Manager. This means that he works with clients by examining their unique situation and business needs. The way that people and companies operate is different today than it has ever been before.

Meriwether Group, which started up in 2008, is not based on the old model of doing business. It is very much cutting edge. Because Sawyer Howitt is young, he does not have a foundation in the old ways of doing business, which can actually hinder start-ups in today’s modern era. The Meriwether Group has an office in San Francisco, California, which keeps it in touch with and up to date on many technological innovations just as they hit the scene. This is imperative for a competitive company engaged in the industry of start-ups.

The Meriwether Group treats each entrepreneur as if they are a hero on a quest. The hero’s journey is full of ups and downs. Sawyer Howitt, at a young age, is building up his already impressive resume which is familiarizing him with the many ups and downs of business. His father, David Howitt, serves as a valuable mentor.

The Meriwether Group believes that entrepreneurs should not have to decide between having a meaningful impact on the world and having financial success. They teach that “or” is a word that limits us. This is the lesson that Sawyer Howitt learned himself at a young age, and teaches to other business owners. He is leading a life without limits.