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An Insight into the Life and Work of Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson works at the Jackson Family Wines and has helped to introduce their wine to the new generation of wine takers across the world. She was born in 1988 in San Francisco and grew up watching her father work hard at making his wine producing business a success. She worked at several of their family wineries during school holidays. One of her passions is speaking French which was a result of her friendship with one of her colleagues who happens to be a French natives’ daughter. Julia attended Studio Art where she did her Bachelor’s degree and also attended Stanford University for a General Management program.

Julia is one of the hardest working children in her family as far as Jackson Family Wine business is concerned. She worked a lot during harvest, and this inspired her to get involved with the international brands and recently began to work with the marketing and communications department to update the business website.

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Her primary goal is to make their wine brands more appealing to the wine consumers in their respective home countries. Julia travels with the international sales team to attend wine shows and is keenly looking into the challenges facing the family business in the Asian market by visiting China and trying to find out the best strategies to penetrate the market.

According to Julia, it is hard work rather than chasing short-term trends that will keep them in the wine business for a long time. She states that Sonoma has a reputation for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but the best wine that can make it in the Sonoma market is Cabernet. Some of the common brands of wine produced by the Jackson family include Jackson- Triggs, Big Sky, Misterio, Avant, Byron, Galerie and Carinale. All these brands are fast moving and among the best in the global market. The Jackson Family Wine business certainly has a bright future.

Malini Saba’s Life Story—Rising From Rags to Riches

You may only know Malini Saba as a well established philanthropist from South Asia, but I have a reason to believe that the lady was a very successful investor as well. In a bid to enhance her efforts in helping other women, Saba established the Stree–Global Investments in Women organization in 2011. The non-profit organization was established to help improve the value of the at-risk and low income women in the society. After formation, the Stree organization was inaugurated by the former USA president, Clinton, along with Queen Noor of Jordan. Since its launch, the organization has been resourceful in helping women access legal healthcare and healthcare.


Saba as an Investor


The reason why I think that Saba was a successful investor is because she is the founder of Saban. This is a popular company that once retained, and I believe still does retain, varied investments across the world. Through her company, Saba invests with such things as technology companies in the USA, Real Estate in Australia and gas and oil in China. This suggests that the lady was rich too and I think she used her wealth wisely. For instance, she donated a sum of $1 million to help establish a Heart Research Center in South Asia. She also pledged to help the victims of Tsunami in India with $10 million in 2004. I think this is very noble of her.


The investment career for Malini Saba started in early 1990s when she became the venture capitalist for Silicon Valley. Malini has acquired expansive experience in the world of investments, having invested with not less than 20 technology companies. Some of the companies that Saba invested with include Net screen Technologies Inc, Paypal Inc and Sycamore Networks, Inc.


Saba’s Early Childhood


Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but was brought up in Australia. Her parents were Sri Lankan of middle class. At the age of 19, Saba moved to the US. She says that she had only $200 at the time she moved to the US. After moving to the US, she and her husband rented a house within the proximity of Stanford University Campus. They stayed in this rented house while they pursued their education with the University.


This kind of early life depicts Saba as someone who rose from ‘rags to riches’. Having started with only $200 and ending up as a multinational investor, worth millions of dollars, I think Malini Saba is an exemplary woman. What I like even more about this woman is that she never forgot her origins; even with her wealth and affluence, she continued to fight for the poor and afflicted women and children across the globe.


The New Profession Entering the Corporate World

The role of compliance officer has not been around as long as you may think. Some people may not have even heard of a compliance officer nor do they know what it is they do. A compliance officer’s job is to create a compliance program that prevents, finds and fix’s ethical and regulatory problems. With modern skills and tools, they can find problems and fix them. They use audits and risk assessments frequently in their job. In heavily regulated industries such as banking and gaming, careers in compliance are fast growing and seem to have the best opportunity for advancement.

Recently, the Mississippi Business Journal wrote an article explaining the roles and career opportunities of this fast growing profession. Compliance officers must be multinational. When doing business with foreign lands, a company must know and follow the rules and regulations of both countries. The hiring of a compliance officer can cut employee cost of the company because a compliance officer settles the need for more auditors and risk assessors. A compliance officer must be able to influence a company’s leadership and one compliance officer has done just that.

Helane Morrison is the compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners,LLC. Since 2007 she has been the lead compliance officer of a company that is managing $29 billion. She is no stranger to rules and law. She practiced law prior to joining the firm in 2007. For ten years she practiced law and was elevated to position of partner in 1991. Her expertise in business litigation and experience in conducting corporate investigations made her perfect for the job.

Helane worked for the SEC prior to her time at Hall Capital. Here she did litigation for the Securities and Exchange Commission, San Francisco office and was the first female to be appointed to the title of regional director here. Her career is studded with big titles, but her main is objective is gender equality in the workplace.

Keep up with Helane on her Crunchbase for the latest news about her life and career.