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Julia Jackson’s Undying Passion for Wine

29-year-old Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of wine making couple and founders of Jackson Family Wines Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Born in 1988, Julia Jackson says that wine has been a part of her life and an area of interest since as long as she could remember. Growing up around a wine making a couple, she was very involved in the wine making process, starting with the picking and sorting of grapes under the bidding and close supervision of her father who believes passionately in the importance of hard work for success in life. She has kept this lesson in mind throughout her life, putting in hard work in all her endeavors including her education. This could be seen from the high performance she achieved at the Scripps College.

Ms. Jackson is a soft spoken business savvy individual who brings her hard work ethic and passion in everything that she does. She has been involved in different positions within her parent’s company and has been instrumental in reinventing the business brand image since she took over as the company spokesperson. She challenges the popular notion that the millennial generation is uninterested and disloyal to old wine brands, often chasing after trendy brand names. She reiterates her family’s committed to sticking to the brands that made her father’s company successful over the years, holding very strongly that most trendy brand names rarely stand the test of time, unlike vintage brands like her family’s.

However, beyond wine manufacturing and wine marketing and branding, Julia Jackson is also very passionate about women empowerment. She believes that although her father played a preeminent role in the success of their company, it was her mother who was the real driving force behind such success. She says that her mother embraced a more practical approach to doing the business work while her father was more romantic in his approach. In recognition of the great role that women play in the success of communities, Ms. Jackson founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program which celebrates warrior women. This company awards 100,000 dollars each year to nonprofit organizations that enhance their belief of community, equality, and spirit in women empowerment.

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UKV PLC a Top Wine Seller in U.K

UKV PLC is a wine investment merchant based in the UK. People across the world are constantly searching forbest wine for various reasons including collecting and investing and drinking for enjoyment. UKV PLC has grown to become one of the top wine sellers around the world.

For some years, the company has been at the center of wine supplies for U.K customers as well as global clients. UKV PLC has a small team of experts in wines who provide a broad range of knowledge services for all their clients. Through this knowledge that they provide, they are able to guide their customers to their best choice of wine. Following the popularity of wine investing across the world than ever before, experts at UKV PLC can offer guidance in finding the appropriate wines that would provide an excellent prospect of profit in the future.

Many benefits come with working together with UKV PLC which includes guarding its independence against vineyards and wineries which make particular wines. The management at the company in conjunction with the experts firmly believe that they have the chance of searching for the wines that are suited to the needs and requirements of their customers from across the global options available. They strive to go beyond the wines that their producing partners supply. UKV PLC independence has always enabled the company to provide its customers with offers from a wide range of wine producing areas comprising Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, and top-drawer selections from Spain and Italy as well to learn more about us: click here.

UKV PLC has been flexible in embracing the latest technologies along with making sure that they acquire the most appealing wines at the company. The company has adopted this move to easily link their customers with the most recent developments in the wine industry. The company has also become active in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well. This move is meant to create a sense of fun in the wine industry. On these platforms, they also share the latest articles from news organizations and keep clients updated on the progressions and promotions in the industry.