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Visual Search Engine Connecting the Physical World with the Digital World

Visual Search Engine is a search engine used to find information on the World Wide Web through the input of an image or visual display. It is a type of search that is mainly used to search using the mobile internet to search an unknown search query through a picture. Information sought could include locations, web pages, other images, and other types of documents.

Most contents explored using this technology are places and buildings in a foreign city. Image search is designed to find a picture and the search criterion includes metadata, color, shape, or distribution.

The concept of visual search recognition helps people who rely more and more on mobile devices to carry on their daily lives. Whether it is researching a product, social media communication, business, or pleasure, mobile devices are becoming constant companions.

Real-time information is growing, and the line between the physical world and the digital world is more blurred than ever. At the forefront of this technology is the Mobile Visual Search technology.

The way this technology works is that users can snap a picture of a poster such as a famous Hollywood movie and instantly get results from the search engine on movie trailers, tweets from the film’s actors, and behind the scenes videos.

The technology is also offering new partnerships involving product placement where users view a product, snap it, and purchase it online via the mobile device.

The technology is meant to serve as an image recognition to benefit the media companies and other businesses too. The retailers use the mobile visual search technology as a way to achieve what they see and what they shop.

The success of this scenario can only work using the 3-D capacity of mobile visual search instead of merely relying on printing. Amazon has already incorporated this technology to let people take pictures of objects including its product listings from Amazon store.

One of the companies pursuing this technology with commitment is Slyce., a prominent news portal and social network for investors described Slyce visual search technology as one that surpasses a science fiction movie.

The company is in the advanced stages to prepare the technology for enrollment in the mass market. The company has received recognition for its leadership in visual search technology industry. In fact, the company has already made landmark partnership with major brands to develop visual search technologies for them.