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Dog’s Skin Health Starts From the Inside

Living in the city brings many odors, bugs, and allergens that are simply out of our control. When my four-pawed best friend developed a rash on his skin, I quickly asked from help from my twitter friends and I assumed it must be from our walks. I changed out his shampoos to skin sensitive options hoping it would clear up. After I tried every dog shampoo available on Amazon, we took a long trip out to the country to clear up both of his systems and minds.
When his skin didn’t clear up, we went to the veterinarian and found out he has a sensitive gastrointestinal tract that was showing externally on his skin. Make sure to ask your veterinarian for their advice. They know your dog personally and have their well-being at heart. The best choices will be the ones part of a long-term health care plan that includes exercise and a mixture of meals and the all mighty treat. Below is what we worked for us.

Ways to Promote Skin Health:
DCO Dual Fiber Control: Canine Formula
Helps control the sharp sugar spikes and falls that lead to skin irritation by including a mix of fibers and complex carbohydrates. Slowing down the consumption of sugar helps promote a steady metabolism and overall general health.

Purina’s Pro Plan Veterinary Diets: Gentle Snackers
Sensitive skin and gastrointestinal tracts are no reason to withhold the snacks. Would you condemn yourself to live without them? Of course not. Your dog may not be able to have his version of Doritos, but he can still have his hummus. Gentle Snackers are still delicious and will still be helpful in your time of need when there needs to be a “carrot on a stick”.

EN Gastroenteric Naturals’ Canine Formulas
Available in wet and dry, the  Beneful dog food is optimally balanced with low carbohydrates and high protein to keep your pup healthy and trim. Strip out corn and wheat to test if your dog is having adverse reactions. A grain allergy is a common cause of sensitive skin.

Purina’s Pro Plan Veterinary Diets: Fortiflora Canine Formula
Just like us, sometimes dogs need an extra boost that is not available in foods. Consider adding the probiotic supplement to balance the intestines by introducing a safe bacteria strain that will help the organ function more effectively.
Good thing knows exactly what to do.

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