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Men Are More Fashionable These Days Thanks To The Internet

Let’s face it. Men are vainer than women. Sure, women pamper themselves, and they make sure they look their best almost all the time. But vanity isn’t the only force driving women. The main force is the love of shopping. That’s right. And that love has finally spilled over and attached itself to men.

Shopping is a new experience for most men. Going into a store and trying on leather shoes and clothes was a sign of male weakness for decades, and they avoided it. Shopping was like helping a friend move. It was painful, but thanks to the Internet the pain is gone, and the vanity is stoked.

A recent survey conducted by IBISWorld concluded that the men’s e-commerce business is the fastest growing segment of the market. Women have been shopping for clothes and shoes for years online, but the recent influx of male shoppers has surprised brick and mortar retail stores.

More of those retailers are gearing their advertising to men shoppers online and its working. Men feel comfortable shopping online. There is no one around to make fun of them, and they can pick what they when they want. It’s 24 hour a day shopping experience, and some men need that much time decide what to buy. But that’s another story.

One website that has taken the men’s shoe business by surprise is the Paul Evans Footwear site. Paul Evans Footwear is a New York-based brand that offers men Italian footwear that is not sold in the off-the-rack shoe departments in major retailers. Paul Evans designs are made in the South Of Italy in a factory that has been producing fine leather footwear for decades. The factory has an exclusive arrangement with Paul Evans Footwear. The line is designed in New York and hand-made in Italy.

The beauty of Paul Evans Footwear is there is never any hassle when it comes to size. Paul Evans designers developed the line based on today’s footwear sizes. That means men that need a size 13 and above can find what they want on the website. Paul Evans styles are also in sync with the today’s fashion trends. Rich brown calfskin wingtips and black kidskin ankle boots are just part of the Paul Evans Shoe Collection.

According to an article published by, men are waking up and buying fashion from head-to-toe online. And the men’s vanity meter just went up a notch.