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Determinant of Whether Coworking Space Suits Your Business

Workville has been a game changer when it comes to owning an office space. They have brought in a brilliant idea of Coworking Space ( In this set up, entrepreneurs and business persons get to share an office space. This method has various advantages but it may not be suitable for all kinds of business.

Workville has made the concept of sharing office space very lucrative. They provide a range of services that include office spaces of different designs, provision of reliable Wi-Fi, mail services, maintenance and cleaning services and a supply of fresh quality coffee. They provide essential equipments and supplies that are basic to any office building. These includes; office furniture, phones and printers. Moreover, they combine luxury with functionality.

Suitability of Sharing Office Space

There are two types of space that a business owner can choose from. They can opt for the traditional office or a co-working space.

Coworking space

This method has the advantage of putting like-minded persons in the same space. They can share great ideas. Moreover, it creates a positive competitive environment among professionals. One business can benefit from another enterprise renting the same space. Some businesses have reported an increased productivity among their workers when they tried Coworking spaces. This environment is the best for finding business partners, contractors and even customers.

Renting this space allows for flexibility that traditional offices lack. They allow a person to rent a space for a time which is convenient to them, unlike commercial buildings which have a fixed duration of about 2-3 years. Renting a commercial space may force one to rent a place that suits their current staff and projects without any allowance for future expansion. Businesses that are growing need flexibility because they need to expand their staff with time. Shared spaces only need a month or even a less period of lease.

Traditional Office

Coworking spaces are suitable for a company with approximately 10 workers. It is recommended that a bigger, more established business have a dedicated office space. Having your own furniture and other essential office supplies is expensive at first but it becomes cheaper in the long run. It saves the cost of renting supplies.

An owned space is essential for team building and proper coordination. It is easier to maintain a unique culture among the employees within your space. This set up enables the business owner to have full control of the environment. They can schedule their activities without fear of making noise or inconveniencing other staffs.