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Inmate Calling That Works For A Reasonable Budget

You don’t want to lose your connection with your loved ones in a correctional facility and you now you can stay connected with a superior network compared to other providers. Securus Technologies is the leading provider of inmate calling regulations guided by the Public Utility Commission. There are millions of inmates rely on a phone call from a correctional facility. Their families feel lost without a reliable network that allows them to stay connected to their family. You don’t have to depend on a network that doesn’t stand by customer service satisfaction. There are a number of people that have secure access with Securus.


Combined with Vimeo and JPay there are interactive features that will let you save money, commute less, and talk more. Your disabled family members and out of town friends can enjoy many new features with Securus. Take the first step to saving money and get all the calls that you have specified under your contract. Securus specializes in an excellency in inmate calling that is unmatched by any other. You can find many features on the Securus official website. Enjoy being able to talk to your loved ones under a secure network that causes them to continue to be a valued customer.

Valuable Features

Voicemail Network

Leave a message for an inmate with Securus Technologies. This allows you to tell your loved ones in a correctional facility what you want, when you want. Learn more about inmate calling on the Securus website.

Telephone Pay

Telephone pay is a great feature that works for anyone unable to find an authorize agent. Being in a rural area can limit your resources for an authorized dealer. Hang up on automated operator assisted calls and pay over the phone. Join Securus Technologies and save today.


Technology Company Securus Highlights Integrity Breaches with Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is among the leading telecommunications companies in the world. The company provides services to a number of clients in the private sector as well as in criminal justice. This company helps with tasks such as investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Recently the company found out about a number of violations that took place in the industry. Securus found out that another telecom company called Global Tel Link committed a number of violations in the industry. As a result Securus Technologies is looking to restore integrity by exposing wrongdoing made by Global Tel Link. To accomplish this task, Securus has put together a comprehensive report.

During its investigation, Securus found out about a number of violations committed by Global Tel Link. It is therefore going to issue a press release over the next six months explaining to officials what happened. A report provided by Securus will be 17 pages long which highlights all of the violations that Global Tel Link committed. According to reports Global Tel Link committed these violations when it provided phone services to the various facilities of the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This report will be done in collaboration with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. By exposing these violations it is expected that Global Tel Link will make changes in their operations and not engage in any more unethical and unauthorized conduct.

When Securus Technologies and the State of Louisiana concluded their investigation they found out about some very significant violations committed by Global Tel Link. These violations resulted in a number of actions which would be used to make more money than necessary. One of the key violations reported was the company making artificial charges for each call so that more money could be made. Another violation consisted of programming phones to add more time in particular an additional 36 seconds per call. It was also discovered that Global Tel Link raised the call rates which was not allowed. Therefore Securus Technologies has decided to help put an end to unauthorized conduct by telecommunications companies with the help of the state of Louisiana and department of corrections.