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Securus Becomes a Leader in the Market after Receiving Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Securus Technologies was in May 2016, accredited by the Better Business Bureau receiving the highest rating, A+. The firm accreditation has come following a series of hard work and corporation with Better Business Bureau. Working in conjunction with the Better Business Bureau in Texas was the reason behind receiving formal accreditation regarding what they say and print.


Better Business Bureau has established some standards that a firm should meet to be accredited. The standards include; building trust through establishing and maintaining a positive market track record, adherence to the standard advertisement and selling requirements, and honestly, represent products and services.


Moreover, the firm should be transparent regarding the location, nature and ownership of the business as well as ability to abide by all written and verbal agreements. Ability to quickly and professionally address marketplace disputes and ensuring integrity in all marketplace dealing and transactions are other considerations that BBB consider in their accreditation procedures.


Securus technologies established a 220 seat domestic call center in an effort to improve their customer services. This measure enabled the company to reach over 25 million customers enabling it to have more control over how customer services are handled. This gave the firm a major boost in implementing the BBB accreditation standards. Securus Technologies has also trained its representatives to ensure that they meet the BBB standards.


The organization responds to over 2.5 million calls per month with a 99% first-call resolution rate. The company has a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5. With these excellent standards in place, the firm deserved getting the Better Business Bureau. The accreditation means that Securus Technologies is the biggest in the industry, beating competitors who earlier bragged to have the accreditation. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the firm, which serves over 3,450 public safety, Law enforcement and correction centers, now stands a better chance to win more clients in the inmate communication industry.


Securus Technologies Corrects the June 7th GTL Press Release on the Pending Lawsuits in the Texas Federal Court.

Securus Technologies released an announcement in a press conference in early 2016 to address the misinformation by GTL about the use of their patented technology. The statement corrected an earlier decision made by GTL on June 7th, 2016, providing more accuracy and clarification on the pending lawsuits in the Texas federal court concerning the two firms. According to GTL, the 816 is PTAB validated and allows them to seek compensation from Securus. Securus clarified that since the case is overdue GTL will not be able to pursue the case in a district court nor seek compensation until the 816 patent is legally validated.


Securus stated that GTL does not have a video visitation monitoring feature hence deemed the claim by GTL of a preservation of the 55 claims by PTAB invalid. Securus also added that PTAB refused to review GTL’s video monitoring technology. Due to the length of time in which the case will have a rehearing in court, GTL will not be able to pursue any further legal actions against Securus in a district court. Securus corrected the misinformation by GTL that the rehearing was dated months away. It explained that the jury would rehear the case after a period of over one year and justly make a decision after an analysis of the presented evidence.


Securus assured the public that it is not using any of GTL’s patented technologies; therefore it will not be required to compensate the company for any damages. Securus also revealed that it has double the number of patents owned by GTL. Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus, stated that his company would continue to defend its honor in the lengthy and expensive litigation process that GTL is pursuing. The CEO added to say that Securus has settled various concerns with other companies using reasonable licenses and would be happy to offer GTL the same opportunity.