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Stream Energy’s Humanitarian Roles in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Stream Energy is emblematic of modern businesses that are increasingly taking up humanitarian roles, in addition to pursuit of profits. The Dallas-based firm’s role in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey speaks to the firm’s commitment to the well-being of its clients, independent associates, and the affected communities in the metropolitan area of Houston. Get details on Stream Energy at

Stream Energy—a retail electricity, wireless, and home services firm—contributed $25,000 to the American Red Cross, in addition to accepting donations on behalf of the non-profit. Aware that many of its clients had been affected by the disaster, the firm predicted that they would not be in a position to service their utility bills on time. The company, therefore, extended the period that customers are customarily expected to pay their bills. Stream Energy’s gestures went a long way in contributing to healing and rebuilding efforts directed at the affected areas.

The privately held firm was established in 2005, and it currently offers its services in seven states. The rapid growth of Stream Energy can be attributed to its approach to multi-level marketing. The firm uses independent associate to promote its services to new clients. As is the case with many multi-level marketing firms, the company’s independent associates earn bonuses upon successfully bringing a new client to the company. The independent associates, however, benefit from free services and other perks uncommon to many multi-level marketing companies.


Perhaps the most attractive thing about joining Stream Energy’s direct sales community is the fact that no investment commitment is required. The company is unlike many multi-level marketing firms that require new members to purchase merchandise or make other costly investments.

Stream Energy’s services and business model have often received recognition and praise in equal measure. The company has been featured on Direct Selling Association Top 20 and the Direct Selling News Global 100 List. The firm, furthermore, was among the “Fastest Growing Companies in America,” according to the Inc. Magazine 2009 issue. Better Business Bureau rated the firm’s services A+. Learn more about Stream Energy at