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Conspiracy Theories About George Soros Are Easily Debunked

George Soros has always donated to various important causes. He does not hide from controversy. He is proud to stand up for the causes that he believes in, and he will help out those who need his help regardless of what conspiracy theorists start saying about him. According to the Atlantic, the recent demonization of George Soros is a result of two things.

One of the conspiracy theories revolves around the issue of globalism. Many on the alt-right have picked up on what used to be a leftist issue and now accuse George Soros of being the boogie man behind efforts to globalize things. Glenn Beck is one such extremist. He devoted an entire show on Fox News, a right wing media outlet, to George Soros, saying that he is a puppet master who wants to set up a one world government. Vladimir Putin is another person who does not like George Soros and tries to vilify him. The President of Russia, who was upset about the fact that Soros funded certain nongovernmental organizations in Georgia and Ukraine who were involved in the uprisings there, said that George Soros was responsible for the uprisings. Some extremist leaders in Europe and in other countries around the world charge George Soros with being some sort of person who is controlling everything that is going on in the world and trying to change the political climate in various countries. There is no denying that the basis of these claims often lies with anti-Semitic stereotypes, where Jews control the world and want to control as many countries as they can and want as much power as they can grab. George Soros is Jewish, and although the extremists who hate him are often too shy to say out front that they are anti-Semitic, is usually clear to the naked eye. Take a look at Hungary, where the extremist Prime Minister started a public campaign against George Soros, putting up billboards and posters that demonize him. Nobody was really surprised when these posters started getting vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti. Extremist leaders in other European countries, such as Romania, have also held public campaigns against Soros.After Trump was elected and right wing extremists in the United States were given a voice, the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists started demonizing George Soros in our country as well. Steve King, a Republican extremist, said that George Soros is targeting the entire democracy of the West.

Of course, George Soros is doing nothing of the kind and is doing a lot to promote freedom all over the world. His own charitable organizations are decentralized and the power is not all in his hands but in various separate boards and councils. It is actually different than most philanthropic organizations in this regard. This debunks all those extremists who say that he wants to be a puppet master and to know more

The Intriguing Life of Adam Milstein

Back in the year 1952 in Haifa, Israel Adam Milstein was born. His father was a real estate developer while his mother was a homemaker. Mr. Milstein grew to follow the footsteps of his father. He is a founding partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Many people have come to recognize him as one of the world’s greatest philanthropist. Through a family foundation that he and his wife founded, he has been donation more than $1 million every year, to organizations that champion for the welfare of the Jewish people as well as Israel. During his early life, Adam Milstein was living in Kiryat Motzkin.

In the year 1971 enrolled in the Israeli Defense Force and took part in the Yom Kippur war. Upon his return, Adam Milstein joined the Technion for his Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. He graduated in the year 1978. Three years later, he together with his wife Gila moved to the United States. Upon arriving in the United States, Adam enrolled for a master’s degree at the University of Southern California. He began working as a sales agent at Hager Pacific Properties. He rose through the ranks to get to his present position of managing partner.

The art of benevolence was first introduced to Adam while at his workstation. Making money alone did not get him feel fulfilled. He wanted to make an impact on the world using the money he was making. The passion that Adam and Gila shared for their birth country became the foundation to which Adam and Gila Milstein is built. The institution aims at standing with organizations that support Israel. There is a lot that the organization has achieved including educating the young Jewish people about their religion and providing them with necessary tools to strengthen their identification with Israel.

Adam Milstein realized that the Jewish community that resides in the US lacked a philanthropic organization. He thus founded an organization that would foster benevolence and hence strengthen the relations between the US and the State of Israel. The organization is known as Israeli-American Council. He is the chairperson of this organization.

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Gregory J Aziz Is Operating National Steel Car With Social Media In Mind

Gregory James Aziz has been hitting up social media sites like LinkedIn and web 2.0 websites to further National Steel Car’s message online.


Gregory J Aziz must keep a sensitive pulse on social media trends by promoting transparent communication across the companies LinkedIn with a growing audience currently found at over 2,500 followers.


Greg Aziz makes a debut on the National Steel Car website for a well-executed introduction. It appears National Steel Car has big expectations for James Aziz. Mr. Aziz has been very vocal about the impact he wishes to bring to his company at the CEO. The advancements are to continue to surpass expectations. The company has been winning awards for decades as one of the best Rail Car suppliers in the World. The goals set by Aziz are lofty, but he couldn’t reach his CEO status without bringing a fresh perspective and set of goals to propel National Steel Car to the next level.


There has been a significant response on the Web to welcome Greg Aziz to his platform, especially in the land of Web 2.0. A whole lot of comments on this structure change with an overall positive response. The company currently employs over 300 employees with over 300 opinions, but most were happy see the change. Only a few were confused about which office Aziz would be stationed. This makes for an ideal response. The evolution of larger business like National Steel Car can be hairy like the change of leadership in Apple. Thankfully this wasn’t the case.


National Steel Car has been offering amazing products and services earning themselves rewards like the annual TTX SECO award repeatedly for over a decade now. The aftermarket part supplies have fulcrum brackets, brake piping, handholds, ladder rounds, body bolsters, trucks, and wheelsets. Greg Aziz is continuing to increase customer satisfaction with his company’s products ranging from the 30,000-gallon tank cars to the super duty box with a gross rail load of 286,000 pounds. Continually innovation customer relations can be viewed as a simple process when a company’s products are of such high quality and benefit stuffed. The leadership involved and tough R&D decisions are what brought National Steel Car to this place, and it’s easy to see that it’s important to the company culture to keep this trend going.  Visit This Page for more information.

If you are interested to see the continuing development of Gregory James Aziz and his continuing impact on National Steel Car, check out their main website at If you would like to see these updates at LinkedIn go to National Steel Car at or visit Greg Aziz’s personal account at


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