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Beneful. E’ruff said.

Your dog is a member of your family. This is why Beneful makes our food as if that furry friend were the paying customer. Fresh and quality ingredients, diverse flavor options, consideration to canine hygiene, and a passion for developing a pleasurable meal experience for our canine friends are all angles that we consider during research and development.
From our Beneful Baked Delights menu, you will find a collection of cheesy snack options like beef and cheese, chicken and cheese, and bacon and cheese. At Beneful, we want those in-between-meal snacks to be a highlight in a dog’s day. To that end, these Beneful shortbread cookie dog snacks, made with real meat and cheese, are sure to deliver. It is a Beneful cheesy meat-cookie; what dog have you ever known who would turn down a cheesy meat-cookie?

Our Beneful Healthy Smiles collection caters to the preference of either ridged snacks or twists. These Beneful snacks are designed not only to clean your friend’s teeth while he or she snacks, but to be so packed with flavor as to keep one chewing. Both Beneful snack types are offered in three sizes for mini, small/medium, or large dogs. The Beneful Dental Ridges are flavored with real meat. The Beneful Dental Twists are flavored with peanut butter (real & artificial flavors). Both flavors are given an accent of parsley. Link:

From the Beneful dry dog food line on Amazon, there are options for real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. We also offer Beneful Healthy Weight, a calorie-conscious food designed to help regulate your friend’s metabolism. Beneful Healthy Puppy is enriched to give your growing puppy everything one needs to grow into a healthy adult canine. Beneful Playful Life is our protein-rich meal made with real beef and eggs to give your furry friend the energy to meet the challenge of one’s day.

We also carry a variety of Beneful wet dog foods, for the canine with a more refined taste. Whatever your friend’s taste, we are certain we can more than ‘meat’ their expectations. Seriously. Cheesy meat-cookies. Link:

These products are available at your local Wal-Mart supermarket.