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Sam Boraie, the Man behind Community Growth through Real Estate

Sam Boraie and Business

Sam Boraie is a household name in New Jersey and for noble reasons. Through his father’s company Boraie Development LLC, the economy of New Brunswick has grown through its real estate efforts. The family owned business has Sam’s father, Omar Boraie as the founder and the company’s CEO and Sam Boraie heading the position of vice president alongside his elder brother and younger sister. The family-owned business has been in operation for over four decades with a sharp focus on community development. As much as other partnerships have led to developments outside Jersey town, its primary focus has been in New Jersey.

Different real estate companies focus on different forms of property management. Boraie Development LLC is no different, reveals Bloomberg. It has cemented its position as the real estate go-to company in New Jersey, with a focus on creating residential and business projects. Some of the notable developments by the company are, The Aspire property in Jersey boasting of 238 high-end designer apartments, and the first residential high-rise building in Newark (Shaquille O’Neal’s hometown), just to name a few. Sam’s marketing skills and large contact list has been credited to the company’s funding and growth over the years.

Charity in New Brunswick

Away from business and you will find Sam’s other side, the heart for charity related activities. The community of New Brunswick has a food program through a non-profit organization, known as Elijah’s Promise. Sam serves on the advisory board of the organization. The organization’s other focus is the eradication of the community’s unemployment issue. It has, as part of its strategy, been known to support businesses that encourage community growth as a measure of encouraging employment. According to, other than food programs, New Brunswick promotes community development through education as well as creating awareness on social issues affecting the community. This is achieved through noble initiatives through The State Theatres, which are non-profit spots used for performances and entertainment. In a similar capacity as a board member in The State Theatres, Sam’s support has gone a long way in community empowerment.

Real estate can also be used to improve a community’s social welfare. This is a true lesson taught by Sam Boraie and the larger Jersey community.

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