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How Does FreedomPop Provide A Better Cell Phone Experience?

FreedomPop is the most-advanced and progressive of all the cell phone companies in the world, and they have created a network far more powerful than other networks of the same type. This article is a story about using FreedomPop for the greater good, and it shows that there is power in the high volume of customers at the company. Someone who is truly dedicated to saving money will find FreedomPop both illuminating and enticing.

#1: Free Or Mostly-Free Phones

The concept at FreedomPop is the free cell phone. They began with free cell phones in an attempt to offer customers something they may use without the stress of a high bill for the service. They have succeeded in every aspect because their free phone plans have firm parameters that are simple to follow. The finest phones are offered through the company for little money, and the overall scope of the company involves a majority of free customers.

#2: Mostly-Free Plans

Mostly-free plans are those plans conceived as free until the limit has been breached. Breaching the limit of the plan on FreedomPop bumps the plan up to the next step, and the plan becomes more expensive with a bill still lower than most. Every user who comes to FreedomPop for a phone may change their plan simply by using it more. They will pay more when they receive their monthly bill, and they will not hit caps on the plan that are seen with other companies.

#3: Better Phones

The phones offered through FreedomPop are no worse than any other company in the world. FreedomPop prides itself on offering phones that are lovely to use, and they have contracted with Motorola to offer the MotoE. Their commitment to offering better phones shows they believe a customer must have better services if they will continue to use the service.

#4: Long-Range Thinking

Every FreedomPop review thinks in the long term. They have a large network that is improved with continual investment in fundraising, and they have completed multiple funding rounds for their networks alone. The networks are incredibly-strong, and they provide better calling strength for the user. FreedomPop cannot compete without a better network, and their networks are performing better than ever.

FreedomPop is the finest place to acquire a cell phone, and there are millions of potential free customers who will enjoy a FreedomPop phone. Their plans and savings are welcome in the top-heavy cell phone market.

FreedomPop Truly Has Free Services That They Offer To Everyone

It’s easy for any company to make promises, just so they can bring in customers, but not all those promises are kept after a customer finally makes the switch to their company. Cell phone companies are notorious for changing their prices, and many would even call this tactic a bait and switch. A FreedomPop review shows they aren’t into any tactics that require deceptive practices to bring in their customers, they simply lay out their plans with the lowest prices, which is the best way to gain customers. Since the company has great services already, the low prices are just a bonus for those looking for a new home for wireless services.


With so many wireless services to choose from, why is it that FreedomPop should be the first choice? There is no doubt that many wireless services out there will have great perks that they offer, but they are all about the low prices. Part of FreedomPop’s name is ‘free,’ which is a word that they utilizes very well by giving out free services. With free home Internet service, free cell phone service, and free data for portable hotspots, the company is allowing many people to use their services free of charge.


A FreedomPop review proves that they are the only company that will allow a person to use their cell phone services completely free without any cost at all or income verification. They also has Wi-Fi service that only costs five dollars every month that the service is used, and the service is completely unlimited as well. Accessing their Wi-Fi service is done when a person downloads the application, and after someone signs up for the service, they can use the Wi-Fi anytime they want to. The Wi-Fi service is available in millions of locations and can be used on cell phones as well as tablets and laptops.


FreedomPop is also proud to offer 1 GB of free Internet data for the home Internet service, and those that have the home hub for Internet service will be able to have Wi-Fi in their home as well. Anyone who has chosen to purchase the FreedomPop portable hotspot will also receive 500 MB of data to use, and the user can also choose other data plans for their portable hotspot as well. Anyone who simply wants to join FreedomPop for the cell phone plans can choose the free plan, or they can choose one of the unlimited plans, which start at only $20 per month.


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FreedomPop Offers Consumers Huge Black Friday Savings

Black Friday sales offer consumers some of the best prices of the holiday shopping season. Shoppers realize significant savings on everything from furniture, clothing, to expensive electronics. This includes select mobile phones, and offers a jump start to holiday shopping. In store and online shoppers take advantage of huge savings during the Black Friday sales, often extending from November 27 to the first week of December.

MVNO FreedomPop, launched in 2012, is one of the companies offering consumers huge Black Friday savings. Their impressive deal offers the opportunity to purchase a Motorola E smartphone at $40. This is a $190 discount on the normal price of $230. FreedomPop also offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 at $100, a savings of $350. Both refurbished phones are fully equipped, and include LTE support services. Both are part of the Spint Domestic Network.

When purchasing either phone consumers enjoy 30 days of plan features, such as unlimited text messaging, voice calling, along with 1 gigabyte of data. After one month, consumers enjoy 500 megabytes of data, along with 500 text messages and 500 minutes. This is FreedomPop’s standard free offer.

While offering consumers excellent savings and deals to jumpstart the Christmas season, FreedomPop’s goals do not end there. The company is currently expanding their business model, which includes the Sprint portfolio. Next year FreedomPop anticipates the release of its first Wi-Fi model. They also plan a global expansion, and have already secured funding. Investors currently include Intel Capital, and Axiata Group. Axiata Group is significant since they offer a network of 230 million consumers across Asia. Other investors include Partech Ventures, DCM Capital, and Mangrove Capitol.

FreedomPop’s business model includes the expansion of their current network, and plans to consumers. They plan to offer simple plans and a free mobile service to cell phone users very soon. This means excellent growth potential for the company. Included in their expansion project is their desire to add 1 million consumers by the year’s end, which might explain their massive savings on mobile phones to Black Friday shoppers.

An increase in holiday consumers is also beneficial to FreedomPop’s business strategy. With an increase in consumers the company projects an increase in company value within 12-24 months. They have already experienced a massive expansion. Increasing consumers assists the company in realizing long term goals over the next 1-2 years. This is also important to FreedomPop’s global business model. Once launched, the company will realize even more consumers, sales, and saturation into the global marketplace. All this is good news for consumers seeking deals and savings during the holiday season.