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Brad Reifler: Forefront Capital CEO And Middle Class Investment Advisor

Brad Reifler believes there is opportunity for everyone to invest whether you’re a big business owner and executive, or a regular middle class or blue collar worker. He believes one reason people don’t look to invest is because the opportunities given to the top 1% of investors haven’t been available for the other 99%, and many of the 99% have been given bad advice just like in the movie Money Monster. Reifler knows in today’s world you have to be careful where you invest, but he also believes that because people are able to find more information now than they were 20 years ago that there should be less regulations on where they can invest their money.

Brad Reifler says investing can be successful if it’s done right, and he advises investors to heed some warnings before they invest their money into various funds. First he cautions that while the stock market can be a good option for investing, it should not be the only one because it can be a very volatile environment. Second he says that investors need to do their homework on the company they want to invest with to see if it’s had a good employee retention or a lot of turnover, and to make sure current and former investors have had a good experience with them. And finally he says investors need to have investment objectives and goals that they need to stay with until they reach them.

Brad Reifler started out primarily catering to the 1% crowd of investors. His first company was Reifler Trading Company, a fund management company that became one of the largest independent futures businesses prior to being sold to Refco. He also started a private equity firm Pali Capital in 1995, and then founded Forefront Capital in 2009. He changed who Forefront Capital opened its doors to because of two personal experiences he had in investing.

Prior to starting his own companies, Reifler had tried to open a college savings fund in hopes that after many years it would be ready when for his daughters to attend college. But it did not do as well as Reifler had hoped. And then later he tried to invest his father’s money into a retirement account, but he couldn’t find a good fund to invest in because his father was unaccredited. So in 2014 he opened Forefront Income Trust after consulting with the SEC, and he was able to lift regulations on non-accredited investors, and today anyone can invest in the fund for as little as $1,000.