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Steps in the Growth of ISO Industries

OSI group is an amalgamation of multi-million corporations which supply foodstuffs worldwide. It began as Otto and Sons; a corner meat shop owned by Otto Kowlchoski. Otto was a German immigrant in Chicago. With, his sons became part of the business owner. The name changed to OSI industries. Today, they supply food on a global scale. Their outlets range from tiny retail stores to significant supply chain stores.


Their origin is in the migrant history of the USA at the time of the agrarian revolution. Disenfranchised farmers and job seekers migrated from Europe. A group settled in Chicago Illinois and invested in the meat industry. Some of the meat businesses established then were family meat distributors and retail companies. Here, OSI was born, as a small retail store which metamorphosed into a franchise business. Today, OSI is a multinational firm which engages new developments in technology for the best services


The industries supply foodstuff to wholesale and retailers. Among their most significant clients are mac Donald restaurants. Their products include Pizzas, hamburgers and poultry products. They have clients across the United States. They also supply food to other countries like Spain, Austria, Germany and Poland. They have 65 sections and 20,000 workers and customers in 17 countries.

Innovation and Growth

The ISO group strives to embrace technology to enhance efficiency. It is one of the world’s largest food supply businesses. ISO industries were among the first real franchises in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. They use flash freezing as a mode of food preservation. Today, use technology to enhance operations and boost client confidence.

Change, Expansion and Diversification

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin the company’s investment consultant assumed its leadership. In the 80s he became the CEO and chairperson of the group. In the late 70s, the firm extended its operations to many parts of the USA. McDonald’s remained its main client or outlet. The industries have a place in the world trade organization. They featured in Forbes magazine as one of the largest private firms. Their specialty is protein products. They control the supply of Baho food in Europe. They also supply dough food. Also, they promote sustainability and environmental conservation.

ISO group is a formidable trading food supply firm in the world. It has multinational partners and continues on the international scene. It embraces technology to enhance efficiency and client satisfaction.

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