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Childhood Success And The Success Academy Difference

Raising children today in our highly complex advanced world, means that all the people involved in significant roles in children’s lives must be more focused and driven on helping direct them properly to succeed than in generations past. There is too much at stake to allow children to be left behind other students and not given the tools to excel for in doing so they often lose their passion and drive for their future.


Certainly, statistics show that children that are given the right education, inspiration and nurturing thrive far beyond those who are not. Each day at Success Academy, children are allowed to explore their gifts and expand their mind and let it blossom in ways that begin to forever define their future as they begin tackling tasks, achieving goals and dreaming of their futures. At Success Academy that is our focus– to give students the tools and belief in themselves so they may reach their greatest potential and succeed in life.


In 2017, Success Academy graduated over 1,700 of their students. This is over 10% of our New York City school populations. Graduates were a combination of eighth grade students and kindergarteners, who graduated their first year of school preparation. Both have embarked on charting their new futures for the rest of their primary education. Success Academy is presently operating 41 high performing charter schools in New York City with over 14,000 students. Each year, Success Academy graduates over 1500 students who have learned more about themselves, their abilities, their dreams and their promising futures.


Through Success Academy, students learn to excel, build a hunger to learn and learn how to succeed through our positive educational environment. While students are pushed to be their best within the parameters of their capabilities, they are also accepted and nurtured for their present abilities. At Success Academy, our faculty understands that no two students are alike, nor do they all learn in the same way. Our job is to help students find out the many ways they can discover the heights of their educational achievements and drives. Because we treat children as individuals on a path towards a successful adulthood, we gear and design our coursework and classroom environments to encourage individual achievement while working in groups to also learn how to be strong team players. We believe that interpersonal skills are part of the keys to their lifetime of success.