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The Professional Accomplishments of Renowned Financial Expert Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a renowned financial expert and is currently the CEO and chairman of Dalrada Financial. Residing in San Diego, California, his company specializes in providing sales and management strategies.

Moreover, Dalrada Financial also provides insurance, financial services, and other benefits. The firm has a wide client base in many cities of the United States.

Among many other services, Dalrada is also recognized nationwide for providing expert assistance and guidance regarding debit cards, insurance plans, tax strategy planning, and tax delay benefits. The dedicated team of this firm is equipped with skills to provide solutions for issues regarding dental insurance, vision insurance, and other details of insurance plans.

Aside from successfully leading Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar is also affiliated with Trucept, Inc. Working as the CEO and chairman of this organization, Mr. Bonar has helped Trucept progress significantly. The firm provides its clients with extensive Professional Employer Organization.

This plan includes many services pertaining to risk management, employee management, and other HR services. Owing to the HR services provided by Trucept, almost 900 companies have successfully aimed their resources towards achieving their vision.

The organization is based in Escondido, California, and Bonar has been a part of this organization since 2011.

In addition to the leading aforementioned organizations, Brian Bonar has also held positions at organizations like Bezier Systems, where he was the CFO and founder in 1994, ITEC Image Technologies, Rastek Corporations, IBM, and Allegiant Business Service.

At ITEC, Bonar held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Before that, Brian was the Worldwide Sales Manager of Adaptec between 1993 and 1994. Moreover, he has also acted as the president of Allegiant Business Service and CFO of Amanda Corporation.

At IBM, Brian was the procurement manager at the beginning of his career during 1985. Later, he took hold of other responsibilities like outsourcing services for computers designed by IBM.

There are a plethora of skills that Brian Bonar has in his arsenal, like corporate development, management consultation, business planning, entrepreneurship, marketing expertise, contract negotiations, and strategic partnerships. Outside all of these professional achievements, Brian Bonar also has the keen interest in the restaurant business.

The famous bistro chain named Bellamy’s in San Diego has one of the most renowned French chefs, Ponsaty. This five-star dining experience has gathered a lot of attention from both local and international diners. Brain Bonar has appointed an excellent staff to satisfy customers and provide high-quality service.

He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from James Wyatt Technical College and a Masters degree in Business from Stafford University. Brian Bonar was awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree by the Cambridge University.

His extracurricular activities include golfing and spending quality time with his family. His strong technical education and leadership skills have boosted his achievements in the business world.