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Why Fox News Interview With Thor Halvorssen Should Infuriate You

Socialism is a violation of basic human rights. The Fox News anchor says this twice in its most recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. This is a patently false statement that Thor Halvorssen tries to fix through the whole interview, but it should infuriate you.

A socialist program is anything that is funded by the government with your tax money. There are examples all around you that help you in every day life. Every morning, when you go to the mailbox, your benefiting from the post office, a socialist program. The air that you breathe and the freedom that you enjoy is because of a strong and mighty military, another socialist program. To say that socialism violates basic human rights is to attack on police officers, firefighters, postal workers, and the military. It would be easy to be infuriated at this interview, but it’s such a delight to see it all go wrong for them.

Fox News was trying to tarnish Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful has described himself as a democratic socialist, something Fox News was trying to attack, but they picked the wrong interviewee. Thor Halvorssen is a world-famous human rights activist whose goal is to take down every authoritarian dictator on the planet. His Human Rights Foundation targets these dictators and works to help the victims of their crimes. If there’s one thing that Thor Halvorssen(  knows, it’s human rights violations.

That’s why it was so fun to hear the Fox News anchor ask him why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Let’s qualify that, he says, and then he goes on to explain that socialism has nothing to do with human rights violations. Unchecked authoritarian power leads to human rights violations. When socialist governments, like the ones found in Venezuelan countries, have separation of powers and checks and balances, they are perfectly fine. But the Fox News anchor keeps trying to tear down Bernie Sanders through Thor Halvorssen, and it doesn’t work. With great irony, he expresses his support for Bernie Sanders, turning the interview into a weapon against right-wing attacks of the Vermont Senator.

Thor Halvorssen Upsets Fox News With Truth About Socialism

When Fox Television’s Trish Regan interviewed Thor Halvorssen on her Intelligence Report news program, she announced that he would describe for her viewers the evils of Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda. Ms. Regan mentioned the US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as being socialist. When she asked him to explain why he believes socialism is a violation of basic human rights, he quickly corrected her by qualifying what the term socialism actually means. He expertly and concisely explained the difference between totalitarian and dictator run governments that claim to be “democratic socialists” and actually responsible democratic socialist governments, as he believe Bernie Sanders supports.

When Thor surprised her by saying he supported Bernie Sanders, she attempted to change the subject and tried to cut the interview short. Undaunted, Thor Halvorssen described a responsible, correctly run democratic socialist government as having similar separation of powers as is done in the government in the USA, and listed Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as three of many many governments that are clearly responsible democratic socialist. Ms. Regan then mentioned that she had heard Thor had personal experience with the wrong kind of socialist government. He then agreed and proceeded to briefly describe how his own father had been jailed and tortured as a political prisoner by the Venezuelan government, which he described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a abusive dictatorship that had also shot his mother and still has one of his first cousins in prison.

Ms. Regan explained that these negative consequences of a socialist government had led to Mr. Halvorssen creating the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). His HRF fights for basic rights in every government that does not support those freedoms. It also works to raise everyone’s awareness of which governments are oppressing their citizens and denying basic human rights. Thor Halvorssen, who is also a documentary film maker, reiterated that he thinks Bernie Sanders has the right kind of democratic socialism. Ms. Regan then quickly ended the interview, clearly unhappy with Thor making any positive comments about Bernie Sanders or socialism.