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Avoiding Invasive Surgery With An Osteo Relief Institute

Affecting more than 50 million adults in the U.S., arthritis is a collection of diseases that affect joint health with The most prevalent being osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage between joints deteriorates. One may be at risk for osteoarthritis simply because of age or family history. Other risk factors include excessive weight and previous injury. Smoking also causes joint damage.


While there is no cure, there are many ways to manage and treat osteoarthritis. Avoiding stagnation and gentle exercise and stretching is beneficial (Manta). If you are overweight, consider a weight management program to relieve some of the pressure off your joints. Pain relief medication and commitment to physical therapy regimens will aid in preventing invasive surgery.


When home management not enough, considering surgery will seem like your last option. It’s not. Contacting Osteo Relief Institute may better suit your need to avoid surgical options. Osteo Relief Institute is actually a group of board-certified physical therapist and physicians with operating clinics available in various locations across the U.S.


Each location is independently owned and provides patient-centered care and communication (Facebook). Osteo Relief Institute knows how difficult it is finding a doctor you can be comfortable with and believes everyone should be treated as family. They also believe It is important for patients to understand conditions and treatment plans without overwhelming them with complicated medical terms and medical jargon.


Along with an exceptional, family oriented staff, Osteo Relief Institute focuses on providing long-term pain relief and management using leading ultra-modern technologies. Using these unique FDA approved technologies, you are certain to find lasting relief from your osteoarthritis ailments. The Osteo Relief Institute also tracks and charts all technologies to measure the progress of relief.


Some of the techniques that Osteo Relief Institutes use are biomechanical bracing, motion x-rays, joint injections, spinal and knee straightening, as well as other options. These progressive exercises work towards restoring natural range of motion, provide natural knee cushioning, strengthening muscles and joints an expediting the healing process (