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IAP Worldwide has been serving the general public, for 60+ years. There are over 2,000+ professional, brave men and women employed by IAP Worldwide. They’re up every morning, at the crack of dawn, focused on their client’s unique mission. Their goal is the outcome specified in the contract, but they are ready to make accommodations, based on the client’s needs. IAP works with government agencies, corporations, and high end clients. They recently, gained a $800 million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy, based in Dallas, Texas. They will work under the direction of the current program manager.

Tactical Communication Services and DRS Technologies will double the size of IAP Worldwide. They will contribute additional logistics, technology, and advanced communications. IAP will improve their long-term growth and response time. Government contracted vehicles will lend to an improved response time. In fact, IAP Worldwide is highly trained to lead your classified or top secret mission. Your privacy is a major priority within their organization. Each client will receive the outcome expressed in their contract, with available modifications without third party intervention. You’ll be glad that you made them a part of your professional services management team. IAP is currently hiring, with many positions that provide work, you can feel passionate about. You’ll receive all the knowledge and skills to do your job effectively, along with great benefits.

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What Is IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide is a leading facilities management, logistics, and advanced technical services team. They provide services on a global scale and have expanded to International and government companies. They provide immediate solutions to your crisis or mission, nationwide. Their goal is their client’s complete service satisfaction. IAP is the first to arrive and the last to leave every project. IAP Worldwide is a respond team that has helped thousands of men, women, organizations, and corporations around the world.

IAP Worldwide believes, that building a strong relationship with the general public will improve their client services and allow them to better serve their client’s. They believe strong communication is a key element that builds a loyal partnership with the general public. They’re committed to actively interacting with the community, to initiate key result towards the programs completion. They remain on the project, until key solutions are met. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details. IAP Worldwide is interested in becoming a major part of your program management response team today.

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The History of IAP Worldwide in Provision of Their Services

Under the leadership of Douglas Kitani, Ingenuity and Purpose focuses on using their expertise and high levels of technology to offering professional and technical services in the U.S government and global agencies. The company specializes in logistics and procurement, facilities management as well as technical services. The first subsidiary company of IAP started back in 1953 with Pan Am World Services Inc. It developed the first space launch complex base in America with its location in Cape Canaveral Florida, since then it has supported testing of more than 2500 launches. Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCSW) acquired Pan Am Services Inc. in 1989, which saw it become a leading company in the management and maintenance of military bases and commercial centers worldwide.

IAP started in 1990 with its first assignment being the provision of generators supplies to the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia. It has continually given support to the troops in the Operation Desert Storm over the years owing to their partnership with the U.S military. In 2005, IAP purchased JCSW and G3 Systems, which formed IAP Worldwide Services. The company’s focus was to acquire professional expertise and experience to run efficiently in a rapidly changing environment. IAP Worldwide Services serves more than 25 countries and over 2000 employees operating in over 110 locations globally.

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IAP Worldwide offers different services, which include:
• Government solutions- IAP provides 24/7 support if the military base operations through the aviation support, communications, and the expedition services. They are also involved in the logistics and the supply of the army equipment and facilities

• Expedition Services- IAP offers construction or upgrade of infrastructure following the information acquired from the environmental impact studies as well as public consultations. They also meet their customer’s housing needs as well as ensuring their safety and comfort.

• Power services- They collaborate with electricity companies to restore power in the places hit by disasters. They also give renewable energy, temporary and permanent power services as well operations and management of power plants.

• Aviation Engineering Services- IAP is the leading company in providing engineering and logistics as well as technical services to the military forces in U.S. They repair and upgrades the hardware and software for the airborne communication systems.

• Information Technology and Communications- IAP Worldwide Services builds new networks and upgrades the existing ones using the latest technology. They also develop specialized communications in the border as well as monitoring facilities in the hostile environments.

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