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Madison Street Capital Secures Funding for ARES Security Corporation

ARES Security Corporation sought the expertise of Madison Street Capital in the arrangement of minority equity and subordinated debt investment. ARES has its headquarters in Vienna, VA. It specializes in security risk management by providing security through software solutions. An announcement made by the financial advisor firm chief executive officer, Charles Botchway said that Corbel Structured Equity Partners did the minority recapitalization. The face behind the completion of the transaction was none other but the managing director, Reginald McGaugh. McGaugh said that it was an honor working with ARES president Ben Eazzetta. He added that the company was one of a kind and dealt with the provision of the technological solutions aimed at protecting the world’s most vital assets. He recognized the management team that was tasked with the delivery of the best and most appropriate finance partner.


Ben Eazzetta appreciated the team involved in the search for the financing institution. Ben expressed his satisfaction with the entire process that included valuation analysis and the capital raising process. According to Eazzetta, the management team had done an excellent job in finding the right financing partner for ARES Security group. Additionally, he expressed his joy with the new finance structure and was excited to work with it to the benefit of the two institutions. ARES came to a determination that incorporating Corbels investment structure was the right path towards creating tremendous equity value. The president of ARES said that Corbels flexibility in their capital solution methods and their supportive approach to the partnership would help the company realize additional sales. It would also enable them to capitalize on the newfound revenue source within Corbels industry contacts.


ARES is assigned with the protection of the most complex systems operated by the government, nuclear energy, and transport industries. Corbel Structured Equity Partners was founded in 2013. The company has an equity of over $95 million. The money is used to make non-control investments with the aim of making profits in middle market companies.


The financial advisor firm is a privately held company. It has its headquarters in Chicago and has been in business for the last 13 years. Madison Street Capital reputation precedes it and has for years contributed to its growth. The institution offers private equity, business valuation services, venture capital services, and advisory services just to mention but a few. The company employs the values of transparency, integrity, and commitment to ensure customer satisfaction. By providing these kinds of services, they position the clients in a position to reap the full benefits from their ventures. The institution takes the clients goals and objectives and owns them. This strategy ensures that the approach to finding solutions is thorough and more determined. Through its determination and professionalism, the company has continued to grow and consequently, lead to the development of their clients.