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Conspiracy Theories About George Soros Are Easily Debunked

George Soros has always donated to various important causes. He does not hide from controversy. He is proud to stand up for the causes that he believes in, and he will help out those who need his help regardless of what conspiracy theorists start saying about him. According to the Atlantic, the recent demonization of George Soros is a result of two things.

One of the conspiracy theories revolves around the issue of globalism. Many on the alt-right have picked up on what used to be a leftist issue and now accuse George Soros of being the boogie man behind efforts to globalize things. Glenn Beck is one such extremist. He devoted an entire show on Fox News, a right wing media outlet, to George Soros, saying that he is a puppet master who wants to set up a one world government. Vladimir Putin is another person who does not like George Soros and tries to vilify him. The President of Russia, who was upset about the fact that Soros funded certain nongovernmental organizations in Georgia and Ukraine who were involved in the uprisings there, said that George Soros was responsible for the uprisings. Some extremist leaders in Europe and in other countries around the world charge George Soros with being some sort of person who is controlling everything that is going on in the world and trying to change the political climate in various countries. There is no denying that the basis of these claims often lies with anti-Semitic stereotypes, where Jews control the world and want to control as many countries as they can and want as much power as they can grab. George Soros is Jewish, and although the extremists who hate him are often too shy to say out front that they are anti-Semitic, is usually clear to the naked eye. Take a look at Hungary, where the extremist Prime Minister started a public campaign against George Soros, putting up billboards and posters that demonize him. Nobody was really surprised when these posters started getting vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti. Extremist leaders in other European countries, such as Romania, have also held public campaigns against Soros.After Trump was elected and right wing extremists in the United States were given a voice, the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists started demonizing George Soros in our country as well. Steve King, a Republican extremist, said that George Soros is targeting the entire democracy of the West.

Of course, George Soros is doing nothing of the kind and is doing a lot to promote freedom all over the world. His own charitable organizations are decentralized and the power is not all in his hands but in various separate boards and councils. It is actually different than most philanthropic organizations in this regard. This debunks all those extremists who say that he wants to be a puppet master and to know more