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Environmental Conservation With OSI Group

The OSI Group is the leading food manufacturer and retailer in the United States. Among the things that the company is known to offer is customized food solutions to their clients that have been made according to the customer’s specifications.

OSI Group is also known for its commitment to research and coming up with facilities that guarantee their customers an improved menu that will lead to an increased living standard. Some of the core values that the company operates under include teamwork, continuous improvement as well as the establishment of partnerships. The firm also operates under other core values such as doing what is best for their customers as well as acting with integrity.

The company operates under a set of environmental management objectives that it follows to the letter, and they include making sure they follow all the requirements whether customer requirements, regulatory and legislative requirements. The company also operates under the laws preventing pollution. The company, therefore, ensures that their products do not cause any environmental pollution. The other objective by the company is conserving resources as much as possible. They achieve this by minimizing their material utilization and at the same time finding environmentally friendly alternatives.

Another objective is working towards energy efficiency as well as striving to improve the management system when it comes to environmental management. OSI Group is constantly training their employees about the issue of environmental conservation. OSI Group has had its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois since its establishment over 110 years ago. OSI Group handles a wide variety of products that include fish, poultry, beef, meat patties, vegetable products and dough products. OSI Group manages to grow through the acquisition of other companies all over the world. The latest venture to be acquired by the OSI Group is the Baho Foods that used to operate in the European countries of Netherlands and Germany.