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Glen Wakeman Offering His Knowledge to Entrepreneurs

LaunchPad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman continues to offer his sound guidance and tips to businesses on how to manage companies to make sure they are successful. He co-founded the company LaunchPad Holdings, which develops a software that helps beginning entrepreneurs to get a good start to their dream. Wakeman has become a wealth of information for business.


Glen Wakeman has held a variety of executive positions at top-ranked companies across the country. Glen Wakeman’s software provides business executives with a handful of key operational needs as well as brand promotion and customer relations organization. Glen Wakeman sought to create a way of serving small business clients. Glen Wakeman makes his services affordable and easy to understand so everyone can benefit from his experience. Glen Wakeman continues to improve his software with the feedback he receives from clients.


Glen Wakeman provides advice and insight through several platforms. He runs his personal blog, which is where he launched his 21-Day Business Tips Blog Posts. These posts gave 3-step insight on what a company can do to improve their businesses. Glen Wakeman has over two decades of experience in business and finance (


Glen Wakeman began his career by earning multiple college degrees. Glen Wakeman earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. His business experience has turned Glen Wakeman into a strong business leader. Glen Wakeman continues to grow by learning something new or learn about someone’s ideas and perspective. He’s also an advocate of networking with everyone possible (AffiliateDork). Glen Wakeman also worked with Global Insurance Ventures, with laid the base for his international views and his quickly adapt. Glen Wakeman’s numerous leadership positions, helped him mold his professional skills and learn how to become a leader in business efficiency. This has made Glen Wakeman accept any challenge and use it as an opportunity for growth and development.


Glen Wakeman has encouraged business leaders to engineer out emotion, have plenty of time to process information and to commit and get started right away. Glen Wakeman loves to share his management and start-up ideas with his followers. He continues to help those who need his business knowledge.