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VTA Publications Is A Small Company With An Abundance Of Information

Sometimes you can get caught on the zombie train and not even realize it, yet at some point you know you should get off. That’s what VTA Publications compares someone’s everyday life to, a zombie train that keeps going without any real purpose. VTA is a small company that publishes information on investing and financial planning. It’s based in the UK but ships course materials to anywhere in the world. If you’re not happy with doing the same thing over and over again and want a little change, then this company can help you startup financial goals to get somewhere else in life.


One way they do this is by helping people learn about the stock market and how they can make profits from good stock trades. The course consists of learning how to read stock charts and then making trades without using a broker. You can also learn about retiring and what the bible has to say about it, with insights from scripture about financial planning and meeting monthly and yearly goals. And then you can find information about lesser-known strategies and options in trading. Some of the most influential business people have come to speak at seminars hosted by VTA Publications and you can order the seminars on DVD along with the other course materials.


The man who founded VTA Publications is Jim Hunt, someone who’s discovered secrets of investing that most banks and top executives don’t want to get out. Hunt originally was in banking himself, but after years of seeing how customers were treated he decided to go out on his own. He’s created different investment strategies that he shows on YouTube, taking the audience through stock chart visuals and explaining the data and trends.


As the positive reviews on Streetwise news will show, Jim Hunt even believes that trading stocks can be quite simple when you really get down to it. He decided to start two programs showing how good trades can be made called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about how starting with simply 1,000 pounds can be multiplied through 10 trades to 1 million in value.