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Success in the Global Business World

David Osio is a powerful business minded individual who is responsible for single-handedly forming the corporations necessary to bring about financial advice to clients in Venezuela. Founded in 1993, the Davos Financial Group was created by Osio in order to provide an excellent level of advisement services to those who required them. Since its creation the company has seen incredible success, this is mainly due to the expertise and organizational skills of Osio, and has allowed the company to branch out to other areas outside of Venezuela such as New York, Geneva, Miami and Panama.

David Osio, to this day, remains as one of the more important figures in Latin America in the case of financial services, business management, banking and financial law. His specialties have opened many doors to Latin American nations and has become detrimental to the future success of businesses who look to Davos Financial Group for sage advice before making risky decisions without needed support.

Before his career took off Osio studied at Andres Bello Catholic University, which is based out of Venezuela and is considered one of the highest ranking schools in Latin America. This high level of education eventually branched out and allowed Osio to develop a keen business sense and he joined the MGO law firm in Caracas in 1984 which would help hone his evolving skills further. He stayed with MGO until he eventually was promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial. This position solidified his future as a respectable presence in the financial world and he would eventually move forward with breaking away from employment under someone else and entered into his own business development with Davos Financial Group.

David Osio is a proficient international businessman as well as having language abilities in both Spanish, which is his native tongue, and English, which is globally considered a major trade language between professionals in the business sector. Communication is often a key hallmark of success, and bilingualism or multilingualism is an important and powerful trait for any career professional to have, especially if that individual is working towards international gains, which is definitely an area in which Osio has frequented.

While the growing global market is seeking new and powerful allies to promote economic progression it requires mindful businessmen who can work towards equality in the work environment. David Osio is moving towards this goal, even if it is subconscious.

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So You’re Interested In Investment Banking?

So you’re trying to pick a career, right? You’re mind is fumbling through so many options when you stumble upon the idea of investment banking. Great idea!
Be careful though. Many students go about making the same mistake. They set up interviews for themselves and go in unprepared. They figure they know what questions will be asked but when thrown a curve ball they freeze. Remember to research questions you will be asked in an interview. Also keep in mind that, once in investment banking, you won’t be pitching ideas to the CEO. As an entry level position, your job will include a lot of power point creations, compiling comp tabs and lastly, making pitch books.
If you are interested in investment banking still, it is advised to freshen up on Martin Lustgarten.
Martin is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin (which is his company). The company revolves around three involvement points;
The first is advising institutions, charitable firms, companies and more. Secondly, it caters to the sell side and the buy side. Lastly, it focuses on providing solid financial advice.
Martin grew up in the sunshine state of Florida. He strongly believes, as an investment banker, you must know the area(s) you are giving advice on inside and out.
With so much more about investment banking to learn, again, it is advised to always be prepared going further. Don’t forget either to get to know Mr. Martin Lustgarten a little more and you will be off to a great start with you’re new career choice! Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to get a better idea of what he’s all about.

President Of The US Money Reserve Wants The Penny To Be Dismissed

CNBC’s Squawk Box featured an interview with Philip Diehl who currently serves as the President of the US Money Reserve. The interview covered the demise of the penny, and Diehl is the perfect person to speak on the topic given his history. This article explains how Philip Diehl rails against the pro-penny lobby, and the video of his interview is below for your viewing reference.

#1: The Penny Is No Longer Necessary

Philip has noted many times that cash transactions represent just 25% of the money people spend. The cents are often taken care of by credit cards or debit cards, and a penny is no longer needed in large portion of sales. The penny could be phased out easily while retailers change their prices to meet the needs of an economy with no pennies.

#2: The Penny Is Too Expensive

The penny costs nearly twice its value to produce, and the US Mint is losing money every time a penny is pressed. Philip served as the director of the US Mint, and he has seen money fly out the door with the pressing of every penny. Philip knows the only people who benefit from the penny are the blank makers, zinc suppliers and stamp makers.

#3: The Government Must Update Itself

Nearly every modern country in the world has made changes to its currency over the years to meet the needs of the public. The US government is holding on to the tradition of the penny that could be replaced with something equally-meaningful, but the pro-penny lobby is very strong. Any time the penny seems to be ready to die, someone comes up with a reason to keep it.

The writing has been on the wall for the penny for many decades. Philip served as the director of the US Mint long ago, but he remembers moves to eliminate the penny from production. The penny is still alive because people do not want to progress with the rest of society, and Philip wants the government to make the right decision for its budget and the majority of its population.


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2015 Award for Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that commands about $20 billion in AUM in collaboration with its affiliates has received an award for its Healthcare Fund for 2015. This award is attributed to the deep experience and expertise of Michael Gregory and his professional team in the healthcare investment. The award recognizes hedge funds that have outperformed their competitors on several numbers of qualitative and quantitative factors. The judges consider the performance record of a company for one-, three-, and five-year period, as well as the potential and reputation of the manager.

Michael Gregory has been managing Healthcare Fund for Highland, which is the largest investment sector with estimated $3billion in AUM. The company has a dedicated team of more than ten healthcare sector experts with over 120 years of combined experience. According to Michael, the firm will remain focused on providing strong performance to the clients and investors. He said that the award is an indication of the firm’s success in the investment process and the hard work and commitment of his team. The Healthcare Fund’s goal is to provide investors and clients with long-term investment capital.

About James Dondero

Jim Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management, an investment firm in 1993. Today, the hedge fund has approximately $20 billion in investment capital. HCM is among the largest and highly experienced alternative credit managers in the world. Jim and Mark pioneered Collateralized Loan Obligation after their earlier work together in the credit and financial industries. Highland Capital Management recently announced Terry Jones as the head of Institutional Products. This announcement was made by the company’s executives and reported on the PRNewswire.

According to Jim Dondero, the appointment of Mr. Jones would be crucial in improving the firm’s infrastructure management and prevention of any possible risks. Dondero has more than 30 years experience in the credit and capital markets. He graduated from Virginia University specializing in Finance and Accounting. Before founding HCM, Jim was working as an investment officer at Protective Life. He ensured the company’s investment capital grew to approximately $ 2 billion. Today, Jim is the President of Highland Capital Management. Follow him on FaceBook and Twitter for daily updates on Highland Capital.