Category: Fighting Tyranny

Thor Halvorssen Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen grew up living in Caracas and speaks American English. He has exposed corruption in the government. Thor continues to strive towards getting rid of tyranny in the world. He believes that human rights and liberty should be a main discussion to always look at,analyze,and find a solution that will make change. He has shown great knowledge of human rights and liberty through the years. He is very persistent when fighting for a cause he believes in.

Thor Halvorssen is an astonishing and respected advocate for human rights. He is also a skilled movie creator with brilliant contributions associated with communal procedure, communal support, individual moralities and political rights, and pro-democracy activism. He is the founder for Oslo Freedom Forum and the president for the Human Rights Foundation. Human Rights Foundation is highly devoted towards gaining global freedom and rights. The Human Rights Foundation was established in the year 2005. His magnificent opinions and view on human rights have appeared on media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Huffington Post, Time Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He has also appeared on television sources such as BBC News, Fox News Channel’s, CNN,and HBO. Thor’s amazing work has been recognized and praised by several sources of media throughout the years.

Thor’s specialties include authoritarianisms, human trafficking, oppression, and extortions to equality. Besides tackling his specialties on a daily basis and aiming to form a solution he has also lectured to many about human rights. Some of the brilliant and aspiring lectures have been at Harvard Law School, United Nations Association, American Enterprise Institute, and the British parliament. Through the years he has not only gained recognition but also notable awards. One of his awards awarded to him was the Sol Feinstone Award. This award was presented to Thor for defending scholar speech. Thor was also presented with a presidential medal of silver during the anniversary of Romanian Revolution of 1989. In conclusion Thor is an amazing human rights advocate who has made effective change over the years and has gained supportive recognition by many. Find Thor on Facehook to learn more about his charities and events.