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Ways To Increase Dating Success With Bumble

The world of dating can be a vicious world to travel for people. Both men and women are going to struggle in dating. Fortunately, people have more control over their outcome than they realize. Men and women who find themselves frustrated with the online dating prospect can enjoy some success when following a few tips. Among the things both men and women can do are get themselves in reasonable shape if they are not, find some nice clothes, find a hairstyle that works for them, take some really good pictures, and be very honest when they fill out their best dating profiles.

There is yet one other factor that needs to be addressed with the success of dating. This is finding the right online dating platform or app. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has put together an app that makes it easier for people to meet someone. With Bumble, women have a better chance of finding someone they want. They don’t have to worry about whether they are missing out or whether something better is going to come along. Men are not allowed to message them first. Whitney Wolfe has made sure that people are able to find the type of relationships they want with the new configuration.

Whitney Wolfe has done other things besides put together a revolutionary dating app. She has also set up a dating spot for people to meet on the first date in case they don’t know what to do for their first meet up. After a large part dating is knowing the right locations for the right activities. People that are creative are going to get the most out of dating. Whitney Wolfe herself is very creative, and she loves the activity of dating. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe is doing everything she can to bring improvements to the activity so that both men and women can enjoy it.

Moving and Travel Shopping with Kim Dao

On this video produced by youtuber Kim Dao, Kim explains that she is moving from her current home in Japan to the middle of Tokyo. She is also preparing for a trip to Denmark because her grandmother has recently passed away. In her video, Kim Dao is in the process of moving.


In her video, Kim Dao first talks about her experience with her grandmother passing away, and that she had to go to Denmark for a week for her funeral. Unfortunately for her though, she had shipped many of her winter clothes to Australia so she didn’t have any warm clothes available for her trip. As a result, she ended up doing some shopping to prepare.


Kim Dao showed some of the clothes that she recently bought. First, she showed some outfits that she bought from Cecil McBee, to include a spring dress, a skirt/sweater outfit, a Heattech brand turtleneck, a black top and another grey top of the same style, a flower top, and some pink pants. In addition, Kim Dao bought some Pokemon merchandise for her family in Denmark to include Pikachu plush toys, Pikachu folders, and for herself a Pokemon skin care bag, a Pikachu hair tie, and a Pikachu plush toy which reverses into a neck pillow.


To conclude her video, Kim Dao talks about her next videos which will include Osaka videos, Tokyo videos, and a Denmark blog.



Fabletics is All About Active, Casual and Attractive

Kate Hudson is renown for much more than just being an amazing actress, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about her that she is focused on others. This really is one of the forces behind her company Wikipedia page with the entire backstory. Not only have they devised a casual, attractive and active capable line of dresses, swimwear and more, they have found a way to make these options affordable as well.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine she shares her goals for the company as she discusses some of the newest lines from Fabletics, including athleisure dresses. These new outfits from Fabletics are right in step with the company’s aim to make comfortable, supportive and stylish clothing that is never restrictive.

The idea behind the dresses incorporates the themes of being able to wear them virtually anywhere on, for nearly every occasion while ensuring casually comfortable attire for the athletic woman. Dinner, girls night out or even at the office, these dresses are created with comfort and ease in mind. She does remind readers during the interview though, that these are still dresses so non-dress activities probably isn’t the smartest choice!

Bustle’s timing couldn’t be better with this new line, in addition to their equally and even more activity friendly swimsuits, as summer is just around the corner. So the freedom to slip into something nice, not feel bound and having the security of being firmly supported is now easier than ever, thanks Kate.

As someone who lives and promotes fitness and an active lifestyle, she and the company have infused this mindset into all their clothing lines. It is just another way of encouraging women to get active and fit while still being comfortable without sacrificing the attributes of being a woman. Making life a little more free and easy and empowering women, it sounds like her. The only question left, besides what color to wear is…what’s next from Kate Hudson and the Fabletics line.