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George Soros And Angela Merkel Predict The Collapse Of European Union.

George Soros is the famous founder and CEO of Soros Foundation. He is also the founder and CEO of Open Society, an organization that has spread all over the world. Recently, George Soros said the European Union might face issues that will make it collapse. George Soros has a lot of knowledge and expertise in political and financial issues. He has a lot of wealth, and he has been involved in politics for different countries in the world. His opinions concerning finances and politics are well respected due to this.

George Soros says that the migration crisis that is currently ongoing will bring a lot of problems in the union. For some time now, the ongoing migration crisis has resulted to a big problem, and the European Union is having a hard time trying to resolve it. Many people have migrated from their homeland coming into the European region, and members of the union believe that it is their responsibility to bring a lasting solution to the problem.

There was an interview conducted by the New York Review of Books, and George Soros says that the solution to the migration crisis can only be stopped by one Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel is currently the chancellor of Germany. The other day, she graced the international news after she allowed immigrants are fleeing their countries to settle in her country, Germany. Most of the immigrants she welcomes were actually from the middle east, and since then, they have found a home in the country. Due to this act, people have started to respect and like her policies. George Soros is one of the people who are supporting her, and according to him, the crisis will only come to an end if she continues with her policies.

According to George Soros, the European Union has several issues to worry about. Before the crisis for migration started, Angela Merkel had talked about it, warning the union to prepare itself. George Soros has now come out to support her, and he says that the European Union should act wisely to prevent collapsing.

George Soros is the founder of the popular foundation known as Open Society. The foundation has spread in all parts of the world, and it helps individuals everywhere. George Soros is very wealthy, and he has made it in the financial industry. He is an active philanthropist whose actions are respected by men. He has helped students in Africa to complete their education, and he has also helped prisoners who are jailed without trial. He seeks to ensure justice for everyone in the world. He has ensured that governments treat their citizens with respect and fairness. His organization has also supported justice by giving lawyers to people in need.