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Rocketship Education Paves the Way to Excellence

Rocketship Education is a network of public charter schools that operate in low-income neighborhoods where there is no appropriate access to good education. The belief of the Rocketship concept is that good schools should do much more than just feed children full of facts. Schools that are really going to change anything long-term must engage the parents, empower the teachers and inspire the entire community to get behind the educational effort.

Working primarily with K-5 students, the goal is to breach the educational gap that exists in the poorer neighborhoods, and with proper implementation and dedication, that is exactly what is happening in these areas.

One of the big keys to the success of Rocketship Education is the involvement of the parents. When parents become involved great things begin to happen. Students see that their parents are part of the equation and the difference is very apparent.

There are four content blocks that the students rotate through each and every day. They are STEM, Humanities, Learning Lab, and Enrichment. Rocketship concentrates exclusively on grades K through 5, and since these are the very formative years of a child’s education the emphasis is placed in this area.

Since funding is provided largely by the state where the rocketship schools are located, many parents have said that Rocketship schools are like private schools, but they are largely free. The personalized attention that is received by the students is the outstanding feature for most parents. They can see the excitement in their children as they master the subject matter and it is obvious that they are having fun.

Based on the three pillars of personalized learning, talent development, and parent power, Rocketship Education has become a force in the education of children in a very meaningful way. Independent learning means that each student has a lesson plan that is based on his or her abilities. There is teacher-led group tutoring that is followed up with adaptive learning online. This allows the students to take more ownership of their education.

Having repetitive learning processes available online allows students to learn at their own pace and be proud of their accomplishments. Parents can participate in these exercises and be as involved as they wish.