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Benefits of Beneful

No matter what breed of dog you own, nor what size or activity level they are at, you want to provide the best options in nutrition that you can afford. A fantastic food that is also quite affordable is Beneful brand, made by Purina. Purina is one of the largest manufacturers of dog food in the world. In fact, no matter what the pet or farm animal is, chances are that Purina has you covered.
Beneful makes foods that are moist, wet, kibble and chunk. They also have created a line of healthy, baked treats that allow you to give those rewards and gifts of love without feeling guilty about them. If you have a young puppy, then you should consider starting off with the Healthy Puppy kibble, designed specifically for that high energy baby who still is growing. Once your dog is beyond a year of age, perhaps two years of age, depending on the breed and veterinary recommendations, it will time to move on to the Playful Life kibble if you have a high energy breed. Other dogs will benefit from the nutrition in the Incredibites food that is designed with meaty chunks.

For premium style food at affordable prices, try the Chopped Blends line. This choice adds carrots and wild rice for that ‘home cooked meal’ feel. The most picky of eaters will absolutely love this food. With flavors such as beef, chicken or salmon, you can also give your pet the same sort of variety in their meals that you’d like for yourself. They’ll never get bored when eating Beneful brand foods. See,

When you would like to give your furry friend a reward for being good, or just for being your best friend, you can feel good about offering them a Baked Delights treat. Another product in the Beneful arsenal, these dog treats ( are baked and tasty. Your dog will eat them so fast that you’ll wonder if they stopped to chew them.

With the entire line of food coming in several different flavors, such as salmon, chicken or beef, it is never hard to get your pet to eat. You will be able to offer healthy and nutritious options to your pet for an affordable price on Wal-Mart. You don’t have to cut corners on your pal’s food when you go with Beneful and you’ll never feel like they don’t like their food. Beneful is also available online on Amazon.




The vast line of products by Beneful Dog Food

Beneful stands out as a recognized brand of dog food by the Nestle Purina Petcare. By revenue, Beneful has been the most significant of the Nestle Purina’s generating an up to $1.5 billion revenue annually. Beneful brand of dog food was introduced in the Purina Store market way back in 2001. To advertise it broadly to the market, there was a great investment on beneful television advertising campaign. This was meant to improve the company’s revenue of which it achieved immensely with $300 million worth of revenue after some years. There is a vast line of products produced by the beneful dog food brand. These include wet foods, dry dog food, dog treats and various snacks that are equally essential to the dog’s diet. To reduce on the high dependability on meat as the only source of proteins, the company introduced Beneful Healthy Harvest Product line to act as an alternative as far as proteins provision is concerned. This was introduced in June 2005 and this has served as a prime dry dog food since then. Later on in March 2006, Beneful introduced on Twitter the prepared dog meals. This was introduced in eight different flavors in cans that would later serve as the dog’s bowl. The company made sure to keep these particular products original enough by introducing containers that couldn’t and cannot be re-used for packaging purposes. The company invested $36 million targeted to upgrade facilities in St Joseph, Missouri to maximize wet food production in return. Snacks and dog treats were later on introduced as part of the Beneful food products. These would also serve as a contributing factor to the much needed nutrients in the dog’s diet. These include healthy smile dental ridges and healthy smile dental twists beneful dog foods. Beneful dog food has hence been recognized as a healthy, safe and highly nutritious dog food. Through veterinarian tests, the foods quality and safety has been highly assured to the pet owners.