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Aloha Construction: Trusted Friend For Your Home

When you are planning on building a home or building your home, you need a company that knows that the house you want to build is not just a house but a home. This is key because you need a company that cares about their clients, does great work and does that great work for a great price. As a person who wants to build a home, there are hounds of companies to look into and to investigate. Some are great while others are not so great. It is important to find a company that has a good track record fo work and happy clients to ensure that the company you are choosing does great work. This is where Aloha Construction comes in.

Aloha construction is a company that has been helping people build their dream home for years. They will sit down with you and walk you through exactly what they do and exactly what their prices are. They will also talk to you to make sure that they understand exactly what you want, and how they can make your dream home come to life. They are great listeners, and they understand that they are not just building a house but they are building a future for you. They will build the house in a quick time but not sacrificing quality along the way. They only hire some of the best builders, so you can be assured that you are gaining great quality and that your house will be built with the best materials. Aloha Construction understands that when you are spending a lot of money yto0 build a home that it can be a stressful time, that is why they try to make the process as smooth as possible and more

When you decide you want to build a home, it is a long commitment that requires a lot of fo time and money. Aloha Construction will be there with you the whole process, making sure that you understand exactly what is happening and all the pricing. If you are looking to build a home, make sure that you look for Aloha Construction.

Making Prison More Manageable and Constructive

While prison is viewed as punishment for crimes, it is still important to make sure that prison can get people to change their ways. What it takes to get people to change their ways may be something unexpected. Fortunately, one thing that could help with law enforcement and institutions is communication based. Among the things that help prisons are telephones and cameras. There are also new innovations being developed by a company for prisons. This company is Securus Technologies. It has provided a lot of technological innovations for prisons as well as law enforcement facilities.
Securus is very involved in the solutions for corrections facilities. In a report by PR Newswire, it has released its analytical tool for the market of corrections. This “Big Data” tool is fully integrated. Among the features that are provided are some of the most recent web based technologies. At the same time, they keep the customers in balance with the type of tools they have always known. That way, the customers can adjust more easily to the new system. One thing that could throw people off is if a company makes a lot of changes to the system with no kind of familiarity. Fortunately, Securus has made sure that users have some kind of reference.

The new system is called THREADS 3.1. This system according to PR Newswire‘s review comes with a ton of new features. Among these features is the ability to listen in to SCP calls as long as they are run from within the application. One thing that threads helps with is catching any calling habits that bring a bit of suscpicion and attention to itself. This insures that the inmates and others are not overstepping their boundaries. This also helps prisons and law enforcement agencies operate in a manner that is efficient. Securus has served over 3,450 institutions and agencies as well as 1,200,000 inmates in the nation.

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How To Handle Customer Complaints – Tips From White Shark Media


If you run a digital marketing agency you will at some point have to deal with customer complaints. Thats just the nature of the business.

If you’re smart you will use those complaints to move your agency in the right direction. That’s exactly what White Shark Media has done.

Over the last few years White Shark Media, now one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the nation, has had to deal with several complaints.

Instead of allowing their ego to get in the way, they decided to take those complaints seriously and use them to improve their overall business.

Below we will share a few of the complaints White Shark Media has received as well as how they have handled them. The hope is you can use this information and avoid some of the mistakes White Shark Media has made in the past.

#1 – Improve Reporting Procedures

One complaint White Shark Media heard quite a bit was how difficult it was for clients to keep in touch with their AdWords campaigns. This particular complaint hit close to home as it showed just how inadequate their reporting system was.

This was very frustrating for clients as they were unable to easily reveiw reports.

To address this issue White Shark Media ensures every new client has a clear understanding of how their campaign works.

By knowing how a campaign works before it starts clients are more likely to know where to go to check performance.

#2 – Make Sure Communication Is Top Notch

This is Probably the most important lesson agencies can learn from White Shark Media. One Complain  White Shark Media kept running into is clients feeling as though communication was not good enough.

As a digital marketing agency, effectively communicating with your clients is paramount. Without it your agency won’t survive.

One way White Shark Media addressed this complaints is by offering clients monthly status calls. Each month the client will meet with their SEM strategist via GoToMeeting.

During the meeting the client and strategist will discuss results from the previous 30 days. The client will be able to see exactly what’s going on with their AdWords account and ask any questions they may have.

Another way they addressed poor communication is by implementing a new phone system with extensions.

This made it possible for clients to contact their strategist directly versus having to go through a receptionist which was also an issue for many clients.