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Eli Gershkovitch and his Craft Beer

The beer has gained popularity among adults, being among the top beverage that consumed during sports events across America and around the world. Most people enjoy a beer at football games, in pubs or at home relaxing with friends. Thus, the rise of new brewing companies has been rapid to meet the consumer’s demand.

Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and founder of Steamworks Brewery. In 1987, he began his passion for craft beer with a European tour after graduation from the University of Toronto. With his law degree at hand, Eli Gershkovitch tasted Belgian beer for the first time and loved the test. These ignited a driving desire to create a tank top and the opportunity to do something out of passion that would bring him satisfaction.

When he was in Vancouver law office, Eli Gershkovitch did his research searching for a perfect location to set up his craft brewery business. He found a perfect location in a landmark building in a historic Gastown at the section of the city. Despite the challenges of setting up and structuring the building, his effort paid off after months, and he successfully opened his Steamworks brew pub in 1995.

With his entrepreneur skills, Eli Gershkovitch focused on taste as the hallmark. And with this, by 2003 he had built a full-scale brewery and became one of the biggest craft breweries in Western Canada (GazetteDay). Eli began exporting his beer himself fly to Europe and back. Other than being a qualified lawyer and an entrepreneur, with his pilot’s skill he once soloed from Vancouver to Europe and back.

Finally, Eli Gershkovit decided to reconnect with his family back in Europe. He joined a business with his Austrian cousin and worked together. By working together, they have successfully taken the brewery business to other hight. His determination gave him fulfillment, and he profited his efforts gave him success.

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