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The Innovative Services of Community Banking

Banking seems to be gathering steam once again after what has been seen to be a long lay off. With an economy in shambles, fewer jobs, and basic frustration, putting your hard earned money in the banking system was easier said than done. We are all too familiar with the National Banking Centers of Capital One, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. The smaller Community Banking Centers are making all of the headlines now days. Have you ever heard of The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference? This exclusive event is all about discussing any and everything about this unique business sector whether it’s networking, innovation, branching, or organic growth.


NexBank Capital was well represented here on this sacred night of business as President and CEO of NexBank joined the prominent banker panel. John Holt deserved to be here since he’s running one of the most successful regional banks in the country. Innovation was the headline and it was thoroughly discussed here amongst consultants, advisers, and bank leaders. This conference is great for sharing opinions, gathering information, and discussing any challenges of the field. Community Banking is all about growth and by hosting a special event like this, the industry can come together as one to figure out the best possible path to success.


NexBank is an affluent financial institution in Dallas, Texas and it just happens to be one of the South’s lead banking centers with well over $4.0 Billion in assets. It has an (SBA) Preferred Lender Status, has a $87.7 Million Legal Lending Limit, and is the 4th Largest Bank in Metro Dallas. This premier bank is head and shoulders above it’s contemporaries thanks to it’s wide variety of services and ethical behavior.