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George Soros is Back in the Political Scene

George Soros, the Hungarian born billionaire, who has dual citizenship as an United States citizen, is back in taking an active role in American politics by donating more than $25 million to Democratic candidates and progressive leaning movements. This is after a long hiatus of not taking an active role in American politics after his not successful 2004 campaign to unseat President George W. Bush. At that time, he had given $27 million in hope that Senator John Kerry could defeat Bush, whose rhetoric reminded him of Nazi Germany.

George Soros, who is worth an estimated $25 billion, is in the top 25 of the world’s richest people. During this campaign season, some of his most notable donations have been to:

$8 million to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.
$7 million to super PAC – Priorities USA Action. This PAC‘s goal is to get Clinton elected.
$5 million to super PAC –Immigrant Voters Win. Their goal is to turn the election by focusing on the Hispanic Vote in key states.
$2 million to super PAC – American Bridge 21st Century. A PAC that goes after RepublicanPresidential nominee Donald Trump.
$700,00 to various Democratic Party entities.

An article in late 2015, Soros wrote that Donald Trump is what the Jihadi terrorist groups want in our next President. George Soros wrote that the Islamic State and Al Qaeda want Americans to be scared. He stated Trump, along with politicians like Ted Cruz, by preaching and creating fear and anti-Muslim feelings, that ordinary Muslims see no alternatives but to become involved with the terrorists. Soros believes that the only way to effectively fight and win against these groups is not to elect politicians who preach this fear and hatred.

Soros believes the stakes are high this year and if the conservatives get in office issues on he has worked for in the past are in danger of getting set back. Issues like immigration reform, criminal justice and religious tolerance could see their recent accomplishments erased and set back if Trump is elected.

Soros involvement this year has led other liberal donors to give.

$31 million by Tom Steyer, San Francisco Environmentalist
$13 million by Don Sussman New York Hedge Funder
$11 million by Haim Sagan Media
$11 million by Fred Eychaner Media

The money given by the rich liberals have given Clinton and other Democratic candidates a huge advantage financially. Soros and these other rich donors hope to see the fruit of their donations come to sprout on November 8.

A Change of Pace: George Soros’ Donations for the Democratic Party

Known for his large spending in 2004 against George W. Bush, George Soros has returned to the political investment limelight. Though he had spent the majority of the last decade away from spending money on politics, which he noted he may never do again, with the political rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Soros knew he could not stay in the shadows any longer. Due to his belief in Clinton and hostility towards Trump, Soros felt obliged to help fund the Democratic campaign.

At this point, George Soros has already supplied Democratic campaigns and causes with over $25 million. As election day nears, sources have predicted that Soros will support the Democratic party with another hefty supply of cash. While he as pushed money in strong support of Clinton, he has also been working with many causes as an investor, including, but not limited to, Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century, and Immigrant Voters Win. These causes have ranged from research groups in opposition to Republican candidates to groups working towards extending voting rights.

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Soros’ lack of investing in politics in the past decade has been possibly credited to his distaste towards one wealthy individual having too much political power on An individual close to him reported saying, “the answer was that he found it ‘odious’ for any one individual to throw too much political weight around through donations.” Due to the state of wealth in politics at the time being, this close individual added their opinions on why they thought Soros rejoined investing in the Democratic party. “Maybe, in light of what’s happened in the last few cycles, it seems less so, or he feels like he needs to help balance the outside-money scales a bit,” they added.

Along with his support in the political arena, Soros has begun dedicating more time to Soros Fund Management. In fact, it has been reported that he is spending more hours in the office working on managing trades than he has in years. It is suspected that this drive towards trading has been fueled by Scott Bessent, his top investor, leaving the company. Either way, Soros is showing a great re-ignited passion towards investment trading at

In all, this past year has reflected how Soros acted years ago, both in his business and investing in the Democratic party. He now, after a decade, has pushed forward in his donations towards Hillary Clinton and other members and organizations of the Democratic party. In addition, he has renewed his dedication towards spending time working on trade investments for Soros Fund Management.

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George Soros Offers Support To Ohio Governor John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has volitionally remained in the race to become America’s next president, has received $488,375 as a financial token to boost his campaign. The NY Books recently published an article which they posted on their website pointing out that the money came from Soros fund managers Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller. This was according to some records that were provided to The Political Insider from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Both Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller work for George Soros, an American investor, and philanthropist and also the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. This is not the first time that George Soros is Donating money to a politician. He has donated plenty of cash to Congressional Democrats, and just recently he donated $8 million towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
George Soros is on a quest to extend his fight on opposing tighter border security in the United States. He was recently quoted on that front saying that all Americans need to reaffirm their commitment to the principles of an open society and that they must resist the “siren songs” of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz even if it is going to be a hard thing to accomplish. hedge fund expert George Soros has earned many people’s ears and trust when it comes to politics. This can be attributed to the fact that many people see him as a source of inspiration. He has worked extremely hard to become who he is and to be exactly where he is. This has earned him a seat at the table of the most influential people in the world. George’s life story begins in 1930 in Hungary where he was born. When he was 13 years old, he experienced firsthand the Nazi occupation of his home and country. Since he was Jewish, he was barred from attending school as many other Jewish children had. When George saw an opportunity to escape during Battle of Budapest that occurred in 1945, he took it. He went to the United Kingdom and joined the London School of Economics in the year 1947 and graduated four years later. After completing his bachelor’s degree program, he got a job with an investment bank as he continued to pursue further education. After he had acquired his Ph.D., George moved to the United States of America which was then referred by many as the land where dreams come true. And indeed, George’s dreams did come true. After working for a number of companies, he quit his job and started his own business, Soros Fund Management. Today, the company stands tall among some of the biggest Hedge Fund Companies in the World.

George is not only a renowned business mogul. He is also a well-known philanthropist and political activist. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundation, a non-profit that helps fight for people’s rights. It is through this foundation that George was able to weaken communism in the Eastern Bloc as well as support cultural exchange with the West. He was also able to rally support for the establishment of independent bodies such as the European Council on Foreign Relations, The International Crisis Group as well as the Institute for New Economic Thinking.