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Gregory Aziz: Steering the National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz is the chief executive officer, President, and Chairman of National Steel Car, which is among the world’s leading car engineering, railroad freight, and manufacturing companies based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London. He studied at Ridley College. He also studied at UWO (University of Western Ontario), where he majored in economics. In the year 1971, he joined Affiliated Foods, the wholesale food business of his family.


Over a period of 16 years, the company grew to become a global fresh food importer from South and Central America and Europe. It also distributed to all the major wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and throughout the United States. After Greg Aziz worked on various investment banking job opportunities in NY between the late 80s and early nineties, he was able to arrange the acquisition of National Steel Car in the year 1994, from Dofasco, with the aim to transform the once great company in Canada into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight in America.


Emphasizing the company’s strong engineering capabilities, team building, as well as considerable capital and human investment, National Steel Car extended its capability of manufacturing from 3,500 cars yearly at the time of acquisition to 12,000 cars by the year 1999. During the same period, employment grew from roughly 600 to around 3,000. Go to This Page for more.



This present day, its constant pursuit of manufacturing and engineering perfection, National Steel Car is a leader in the industry in the innovation of new car while building hundreds of brands new freight car every year. It’s the only engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight car company in North America accredited ISO 9001:2008; it has held this honor for almost two decades through numerous recertification rounds. National Steel Car has constantly been honored with the with the highest quality award of TTX SECO since 1996.


The company is devoted to the community of Hamilton and has sponsored the Salvation Army, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and many other local charities. Many employees, both present, and the past, including their children attend the Christmas party organized by the company every year and they take part in the major food drive of the company for the local food banks.


Gregory James Aziz and his spouse Irene are sponsors of the most famous agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal (Royal Agricultural Winter Fair).

Louis R. Chenevert: Multi-Awarded Canadian Entrepreneur

Louis R. Chenevert is a businessman from Canada who is popularly known as the CEO and chairman of the United Technologies Corporation. The United Technologies Corporation is an American technological company that is specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of products used in the high tech industry. They are focusing on a variety of areas, and their products include aerospace systems, aircraft engines, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, elevators and escalators, fire protection and security systems, building systems, and industrial products, among others. The United Technologies Corporation has grown significantly under Louis R. Chenevert, because he expanded the company’s contract with the United States Military, and opened up new ventures and deals with other firms who are contracting them for their products.

Born in Canada, Louis R. Chenevert graduated from the University of Montreal where he received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree. He worked in several companies after graduating, often taking up managerial or executive posts. One of the first companies where he worked for was General Motors, where he spent more than 14 years of his life. Being tired of working for the automobile industry, he decided to resign and securing another job in the process, this time with the Pratt & Whitney company. He worked there for 6 years, until an opportunity to work for the United Technologies Corporation came. He was appointed as the chief operating officer in 2006, and has managed all the operations inside the company. His performance led him to the top, being promoted as the chairman and CEO by the company’s board. Louis R. Chenevert served the United Technologies Corporation for 12 years, and he decided to retire in 2014.

Louis R. Chenevert enjoyed his retirement, but he missed the corporate world. In 2015, he came to a decision of returning to the corporate world when Goldman Sachs offered him the position as the exclusive advisor for the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. He accepted the offer.

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Anthony Petrello Is Leading One Of The World’s Largest And Safest Drilling Contractor Companies

In this modern age oil has become a pinnacle resource for our way of life, sadly that often comes with great costs. When working with heavy machinery safety is the most important issue and Nabor Industries with its CEO Anthony Petrello certainly knows this.

In 2010 Nabor was granted the Safety Leadership Award, an award only given to companies with five consecutive years of zero injuries that required days off from work, and with Petrello’s leadership has maintained that record to this day earning the award annually.

Petrello has been with the Nabor Industries since 1992 starting out as President. Since his introduction Petrello has earned Deputy Chairman in 2003, CEO in 2011, and most recently Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of the Board in 2012. Before investing his career in Nabor, Petrello was the Managing Partner for the New York office of Baker & McKenzie law firm after obtaining his J.D from Harvard and B.S and M.S. in Mathematics from Yale University.

Alongside Nabor Industries Petrello became a board member of Steward & Stevenson LLC in 2011, a company providing manufacturing and distribution of machinery for both domestic and global companies. He has also on the board of the Texas Children’s Hospital and has donated 7 Million dollars for neurological research. With such a diverse background and busy schedule Anthony Petrello has proven to be a strong leader not only for Nabor Industries but the life around him as well.

The entrepreneurial World of Mike Baur

Mike Baur comes from Switzerland. He achieved an MBA from Berne University and also an MBA from Rochester University. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. He is an entrepreneur, investor and leader. His experience in the banking industry is of 20 years. His first association with banking was beginning at UBS as an intern. Later on at a private bank in Switzerland he became part of the board associates. His entrepreneurship skills have helped him build his career in banking.


He has also spared his time in motivating and assisting young businessmen to grow their businesses thus he is enticed to even do more for himself. Since he lives in Switzerland he is able to keep advising and coaching interested entrepreneurs in having an excellent enterprise. He does not only assist them in training and counseling but helps them with the capital they need to get started. As a leader he advises them on the values that lead to an excellent administrator. Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and financial procedures at Swiss Startup Factory. Fintech Fusion and CTI are some of the companies that have linked up with the organization.


Swiss Startup Factory has been gladly named to be the best private company due to his great success. The company and Mike Baur train the young entrepreneurs so that they can be fully prepared to begin working and as a result they will be able to also fund them. Swiss Startup Factory has a course that lasts for 3 months; the potential entrepreneurs attend to it so that they can boost their skills in business. The course of course offers every unit that needs to be taken so that they can be successful they include; working space finance and counseling.


Swiss Startup Factory also creates unique firms apart from helping young entrepreneurs, these firms are created with the aim of being successful. Mike Baur encourages teamwork at his company because this will always result in a good working relationship that will boost the development of the company. A good start to a business s very important thus the company also nurtures the entrepreneurs on that.


The course is not the only motivation offered to the entrepreneurs furthermore they are allowed to display their skills thus they can be examined and guided. Baur has proved so much success in his company and also in helping others succeed.

Don Ressler Teams up With Adam Goldenberg to Establish TechStyle

Don Ressler is a co-founder of JustFab, currently known as Tech Style and Intelligent Beauty. He is also one of the co-founding partners of Fabletics. Don Ressler is also the founder of which he sold to Intermix in the year 2001. It was when he was selling his company that he met Adam Goldenberg who was at the time working as the COO of Intermix. Having the same ideals, the pair quickly became friends. Goldenberg saw potential in Ressler and so when he decided to start a company it was Ressler that came to his mind first.

When Intermix was sold in the year 2005, Goldenberg decided that he had had enough of working for other people. With the experience that he had, he sought the support of Don Ressler and together they started Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty targeted the e-commerce industry, operating as an incubator company. The company did so well under the management of Don and his business partner and in the year 2010.

JustFab is one of the most successful e-commerce fashion retail stores. The company started by sellling women shoes, jewelry, handbags and clothes. They use a subscription model on With time they noticed that the subscription model got customers buying but they would need to do more if they wanted repeat buys and for potential clients to subscribe. With that in mind, they decided to hire consultant. This team would be in charge of hearing the client preferences and taste and as a result customize products for them. At that point satisfaction would be guaranteed.

Other than hiring consultants, the company also got some of the best designers in the country. They would recommend styles and patterns at for their clients. JustFab also hired celebrity figures to help sell their brand.

JustFab has been a success since day one and the reason can be attributed to the adequacy of capital. The company received $33 millionfrom Matrix Partners and another $76 million From five company’s including Rho and Matrix. In the year 2013 they got another $90 million in funding. This had enabled the company to expand in terms of product portfolio and market share according to LinkedIn.

Today JustFab isn’t just an e-commerce retail store for women. Rather, it is an umbrella for FabKids, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. They continue to take over the internet marketing through genius strategies. In the year 2017, the company changed its brand name to Tech Style.

Children In Need Can Count On Tony Petrello

A rather exceptional person, who is highly credited for his arsenal of extraordinarily valuable capabilities, Tony Petrello exemplifies the perception, and the strength, required to reach profitable accomplishments in a largely impulsive and constantly shifting vocation.

Using the aptitude acquired from his profession as the C.E.O., as well as the person in charge of the organization Nabors Industries, he has toiled vigorously to complete the required studies for a Juris Doctors. Tony was awarded this laudable diploma from his time spent in the pursuit of knowledge at Harvard Law School. What’s more, Tony satisfied his goal of concluding a Masters degree and majoring in Mathematics, from the famed school, Yale University. Tony’s company, Nabors Industries, is an additional subset of his first enterprise, Nabors. It is while at Nabors Industries that Tony handles his duties with the added designation of Chairman. Tony, is the also known as the manager of another enterprise, the Hilcorp Company. In unison, Tony completes this same undertaking at the company, Stewart & Stevenson.


Thriving in the oil trade as an Executive, he is just as beloved and a considerate financial backer, prominent throughout most of Houston. He presented millions of assets to various associations for serving needy children, plus contributing to highly thought of enterprises, namely the Baylor College. These contributions assure that there is available support for struggling kids who are diagnosed with neurological dilemmas.

Tony Petrello’s far-reaching offerings arise from a concerned and sympathetic position, which was born out of experiencing his daughter’s struggles as a baby. Tony Petrello’s infant was identified with a dreadful neurological predicament, one that overtly targets newborns who are premature. Tony’s partner in life at first wanted their newborn child to, in due course, turn out to be a dancer. At the same time, Tony thought that their child would aspire to be a math genius. As fate would have it, when they informed by doctors that their toddler was suffering with this awful medical ailment, called periventricular leukomalacia, they both decided to focus on caring their toddler’s quality of life.

Tony began gifts of aid in the millions of dollars, to healthcare institutions like Texas Children’s Hospital, whose goal was in aimed at the health of children. This openhandedness was intended to make possible a victory over neurological illnesses. Tony is accepted by a lot of folks as a treasured asset to children’s health.

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The Entrepreneurial Role of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was born in second September 1969. He is one of the most celebrated American entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus which is a health-tech startup that is widely known for modernizing cancer treatment. It is also known for building an operating system to battle cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky established his family foundation in 2006 which was a private charitable foundation for the advancement of high-impact initiatives that increases lives in the communities helped. Moreover, Mr.Lefkofsky is known for his actions as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago which is “The Art Institute of Chicago.”

Eric Lefkofsky has given millions of dollars for cancer research during his life and he is at a superb reach of curing cancer.

Tempus is helping doctors and healthcare professionals by being involved in the context of molecular therapies. Tempus says that it helps physicians in providing more precise and personalised medicines and its data is used to help doctors develop a better care plan and treatment for patients. The core functions of Tempus are breast, lung and pancreatic cancer and are also working to add more on cancer research and treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky “Chicago entrepreneur and investor” has made his debut among the ranks of the world’s richest people with a net worth of one and a half billion dollars. He has made a rich investment in Groupon before and as a former employer, Lefkofsky was given one million dollars and is now the largest investor in the fast-growing firm. The firm helps its online customers with deep discounts and services on products. He also runs tech investment firm Lightbank with one of his partners “Brad Keywell.” Both are operating their firm in the same building in Chicago.

After the formation of Lightbank, he funded sixty million dollars with Venture firm NEA (New Enterprise Associates). Lefkofsky has worked with many organizations such as Sprout Social, Poggled and Betterfly. These are the most notable companies apart from Groupon. He has helped in the development of five technology startups which are worth more than a billion dollars each. He has always believed in the growth of philosophies and is known for his intellectuality and framework based on concepts for the transformation of the idea into reality. Choosing the right industries to innovate and turning it into a competitive business is the main strength of Lefkofsky.

David Osio Strives to Reach More Unfortunate People

David Osio began his philanthropic efforts more than two decades ago mainly supporting arts, medical research and music. His strategy for his philanthropic efforts to be effective has been to collaborate with non-profit organizations whose agenda is to support art and culture in the communities that he has set up his businesses. David Osio is so keen on his philanthropic efforts reaching as many people as possible such that he strives to expand his support to charitable organizations on an international scale.

One of David Osio’s most notable philanthropic efforts is his support for the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He has supported the MISO since he began serving as a member of its board. According to David, he feels great when he sees iconic foundations such as MISO remain in operation year in year out courtesy of his donations. In addition to MISO, David also supports The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. In his opinion, every little coin that goes into medical research for children is significant. His hope is that one day all the fortunate people can come together to support such a noble cause.

David works tirelessly to ensure that his financial services company expands geographically into strategic cities. His efforts have managed to get his company into cities such as New York, Miami, Panama and Geneva. The financial services company’s expansion into these new cities is a blessing to every unfortunate member of the society in the region since David makes an effort to expand his philanthropic efforts to the same cities. Some of the foundations that have benefited from such expansions are the Fundana Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation and the UMA Foundation. David Osio’s continuous efforts to help the community have earned him international recognitions and awards.

About David Osio

David Osio is the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group (DFG). His chief role in the organization is domestic and global strategy. In two decades, David has managed to grow DFG to an internationally recognized firm with offices in major cities worldwide. He has a rich educational background being that he is a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello. While at the University, his area of specialization was law. He also dawns advanced professional credentials that he earned after studying at the New York Institute of Finance specializing in management investment portfolios. David began his career as a legal advisor to multinational clients and he was fortunate to serve clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro.

Keith Mann as Entrepeneur and Philanthropist, Making NYC Great!

Keith Mann is a young New York entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2000. In 16 years, he has become one of the top experts in hedge fund compensation and executive search agencies in NYC.

DSP is a premier executive search firm that Keith Mann has designated to be devoted to equity and investment firms. As founder, CEO and managing director of Dynamic Search Partners, he used his investment skills to specify independent executives for alternative investments, hedge funds, and equity firms. DSP also has a reputation for having the largest database in the country.

The company has also expanded to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Keith Mann has used his talents to build a growing and successful firm in the global investment industry, but building DSP is not his only interest.

Keith, and his wife Keely, have a deep respect for education in the United States, and they believe it is important that the children of today get a good education; they are the future of America. Over a decade ago, the Mann’s and Uncommon Schools began a relationship because they both had the vision to see more students succeed in business.

The Mann’s connected and have been assisting Uncommon Schools ever since. Uncommon Schools is a charter school for low-income students in grades K-12. The goal is to prepare their students for college. This charter school system began in Brooklyn, and now has expanded to Massachusetts as well as New Jersey.

Now, a second school in Brooklyn was recently opened, and Keith Mann, along with other significant members of the financial community raised over $22,000 in a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. These funds were donated to the new school.

In the next project, DSP partners collected over $10,000 to ensure that Uncommon Schools could provide essential testing for every student including AP and PSAT.

But the Mann’s have not stopped here. Keith Mann, as a dedicated philanthropist to helping these low-income students, and last year, he and Keely opened a college scholarship fund for the seniors who are graduating. They encourage other entrepreneurs to join in with them.