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Success and Accomplishments of Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a renowned banker that has broad experience in banking sector. He has served in the banking industry for about 4 decades. This makes him to be well conversant with the banking system and providing high-quality services that are significant for the growth and development of banks. Anil has been serving with top leading banks in the world where he has expertise in private and corporate banking, corporate advisory and investment banking with business all over between India and Europe.

Anil Chaturvedi is the managing director at Hinduja Bank since 2011. He executes his responsibilities in a professional manner in this company where Anil facilitates cross-border alliances between Europe, India, Asia, and the USA. Also, he leads the firm in mergers and acquisition, raising capital from investors and international organizations. The role that he plays in the Hinduja Bank is evident since the bank has been recording high performance and significant progress in the banking industry making it to be leading internationally.

Before Anil Chaturvedi joined Hinduja Bank, he was the managing director at Merrill Lynch, branch manager (development and planning) at State Bank of India and also served at ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York as the Vice President and senior representative for US operation. All the senior positions that he served in various banks before joining his current bank equipped him appropriately with the required skills to be competent. Anil has extensive skills in capital marketing, financial market, private equity, trading, and business strategies amongst many more.

Anil Chaturvedi received his B.A in Economics from Meerut University in 1971 and his M.B.A at Delhi University in 1973. Therefore, it is a fact that Anil is knowledgeable on matters to do with the banking industry from the qualifications he had from Delhi University. It is not simple to be in the industry like Anil Chaturvedi for over 40 years and still be competitive without the required skills. The capability, commitment, and passion that Anil has in his career drive him towards achieving his lifetime goals. The banks that he has worked with can attest his contribution towards propelling them towards making significant global touch.

Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Services Leading From the Front

Robert Deignan is proud that his firm, Advanced Tech Support also known as ATS Digital Services, is the first call center company to be certified to provide premium support services to the client software applications by AppEsteem Corporation. AppEsteem is a firm that was established by a group of Microsoft cybersecurity experts to certify applications and other related services. The certificate is handed out to a firm that has met all the 39 compliance parameters required by AppEsteem.

Deignan stated that comprehensive customer-focused compliance is the cornerstone of ATS. He noted that the firm had already met some of AppEsteem Corporation’s requirements at the beginning of the year and it was only a matter of time and commitment before they met the remaining ones to be certified. These requirements are based on the inputs from the law enforcement, the software industries, government regulators, security firms, consumer groups and call centers. These requirements along with others are meant to build a more healthy and sustainable software downloading industry while protecting the consumer.

About ATS

This is a firm that provides premium digital support services to clients worldwide. The Florida based company is committed to ensuring that the customers get quality products and services. The company is also interested in keeping its clients happy as this is among its highest priorities. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has given technical support to a countless number of clients. Being the only certified firm in its field, it is expected that it will attract more clients and open doors for new businesses.

About Robert Deignan

Robert attended the Purdue University in 1992 and graduated with a B.S in Business Management in 1995. Shortly after finishing his education, he co-founded Fanlink Inc. in 1998 where he worked until early 2001. In mid-2002, Robert joined iS3 inc. as the executive vice president a position he would hold until July 2011. In August 2011, Robert Deignan co-established ICE, LLC which was later renamed to ATS Digital Services, LLC. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Apart from business, he also finds time to take part in water sports and boat building where he has even won a few awards.

Roberto Santiago-creating Beauty

Roberto Santiago is a 58-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur who owns the most extensive and biggest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira shopping mall is located in a strategic area in the second most significant town in Brazil. The iconic mall built on a big piece of land purchased in 1987 and completed in 1989. The high demand for shopping malls in Brazil necessitated the need for shopping complexes making the sector to grow tremendously. In 2015 it believed the shopping sector had a 6.5 % growth giving the zealous mall owners like Roberto Santiago a reason to expand and celebrate. Brazil boasts of 538 shopping complex with more being build up and its estimated additional of 30 shopping malls are receiving they’re final touches and ready for occupation soon.

The shopping industry in Brazil has created over 1 million employment opportunities with the people of Paraiba enjoying the chance created by Manaira shopping. It boasts of a food court, financial institutions, a college, latest architect designer concert hall on the rooftop, a theatre with high technology devices, a gaming area that accommodate both young and old and expansive shopping areas. The complex brings out a tourist attraction, leisure hub and hotbed of business opportunities with the stunning Domus Hall offering accommodation to more than 50,000 during an event.

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall receives approximately 2 million people every year visiting different sectors. The household consumption sections top the list with many Brazilians frequenting the mall for household goods and family relaxation time. According to Rafaela Barros the mall manager he attributes the frequent and high number of shoppers due to the stable county retail sector and the unique design of the mall.

Since the inception of Manaira Shopping Complex in 1989, it has undergone five more expansions adding classy interior beauty that’s attracting. The shopping mall boasts of being the most significant and most extensive in that area with approximately 75,000m2 per lettable area and over 280 stores. Its constructed between the beach and Paraiba center. Roberto Santiago came up with this idea to provide exciting shopping opportunities with scenic views for the whole family.

Manaira offers a city within classy city beauty and amenities. Well crafted and planned with top class finishes and veneer with the ability to lure Brazilian people to visit the mall frequently and enjoy life.

Roberto Santiago main vision was to create a masterpiece in Joao Pessoa State that would transform the city making it a hub of shopping and leisure. The Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of being the most famous hang out place for entrainment, shopping and eating out.


Find Out What Sussex Healthcare Can Offer New Employees

A fantastic opportunity to work with area seniors is now being offered by Sussex Healthcare. This leader in healthcare for elders has announced several positions in their award winning team of caregivers and supportive care networks. All of the valuable employees that work at Sussex Healthcare are all important members of the larger family group of employees.

Everyone is encouraged to offer recommendations for improving any of this organization’s services. The top administrative leaders believe in maintaining a relaxed and highly positive work environment. The residents staying within the 20 senior care homes are always considered VIP’s each and every day.

Seniors deserve that respect that their knowledge and living experiences have earned them. All of the employees working for Sussex Healthcare are committed to always providing the best type of care humanly possible. The leaders at Sussex Healthcare continue to provide the best equipment and supplies necessary to give the finer healthcare that is expected in these facilities. The beautiful surroundings encourage a casual and homelike atmosphere that benefits employees, residents and visitors alike. Visitors often are amazed by the comfortable buildings that each have a unique charm and special added amenities. Some of these include gorgeous blooming gardens, nature trails, lush green landscaping and magnificent indoor furnishings.


Even with the upscale setting, everyone working at Sussex Healthcare tries to maintain a level of old-fashioned family type atmosphere. It is common to find the employees and even administrators joining in on some of the fun activities and various group classes provided for the residents every day. Sussex Healthcare continues to improve the already phenomenal services. Now, the organization includes a glorious gym that is brand new and boasts a lovely pool. The building is staffed so seniors and disabled adults have support when exercising or swimming. The warm water is beneficial to those that suffer from painful joints and aching bones and/or muscles.

Highly skilled therapists working in the physiology, occupational, speech and recreational fields all work together with the other staff for a unified approach to care. All of the residents are encouraged to keep active with their families and friends whenever possible. Cozy lounge areas give the seniors somewhere comfortable to sit and visit with guests. The fabulous meals and gorgeous dining room give the residents a chance for wonderful meals with peers. Sussex Healthcare has a lot to offer both the residents and the employees.

Aloha construction Inc, creating better homes for future generations through expert maintenance services

Whether a person still lives with his/her parents/relatives or they have their apartment, it is their dream to one day have a place they can proudly say it is theirs and one they can confidently call home. However, what they don’t know is that owning a beautiful home takes a lot than what they think. Once you build your own house, you now have a lifetime commitment to take care of it. By taking care I mean you should know that it is subject to wear and tear and that it needs regular maintenance which will cost you. Also, you should be ready to look for a company that is highly qualified, and one that has been in the market long enough thus has the experience to deal with all types of repair experience like Aloha Construction, Inc. The construction company proudly serves all Illinois residents, and up to date, it has left more than 18000 homeowners with its incredibly high-quality repair and maintenance services. It is well structured with an office team, field supervisors, installers, inspectors and specialists who work together and round the clock to ensure the satisfaction of their clients.

The company has been around for quite some time now and is a family run business which means even more satisfactory results because the management understands the essence of making other families happy. Thanks to that the company continues to grow and becomes better with each dawn, and it prides itself on being the pioneer of unparalleled excellence and innovation. It has become one of the top players in the industry, and it is not backing down soon as it aims at not maintaining its quality services but also exceeding them. According to the current president and chief executive officer of the firm, the secret ingredients of the success of the company have been honesty, competence, good relationships between all its associates and clients and also integrity. Through these, the company continues to take over the home maintenance industry and also making most homeowners happy about the state of their homes. The company is based in Lake Zurich and offers an array of services such as waterproofing, stucco, insulation, gutter and door installation, roof cleaning and inspection services, storm, hail and wind damage repair, and roofing among many others. Besides Illinois, the firm also offers its services also extend to residents in South Wisconsin.

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Jason Hope Contribution to Anti-Aging Research

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, SENS is a non-profit organization built by the support of prominent philanthropists, researchers, private individuals, and scientists. SENS main goals revolve around molecular and cellular damages as building a rejuvenation biotechnology industry or cause of diseases of aging and advanced regenerative therapies in Parkinson’s and cancer diseases.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 in 2010 as a gift to enable SENS to equip and build the Cambridge SENS laboratory and implementation of new research program focusing on breaking down advanced glycation products in human tissue. Jason Hope is passionate about supporting SENS and its goals because they take a different approach to anti-aging and are focused on finding the cure for diseases that cause people to age faster. Unlike traditional medicines that look at treating these diseases, that affect the all the functions of the body, SENS aims at stopping these disease from ever happening, and his Linkedin.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale Arizona and grew up in Temple. He attended Arizona State University for a Bachelor of Science in Finance and has an MBA from W.P Carrey of Schools at Arizona State University. Currently, he is involved in multiple entrepreneurial pursuits in industries that leverage, computer, and technology information systems. In the beginning of his career, he created a mobile communication company but he has since shifted his focus to biotechnology, investing in startups and philanthropy.

As a skilled futurist, he understands technology, has a passion for it, and uses that knowledge to watch the industry making predictions on the future of technology. He believes in the power of internet things based on current technology trends. Jason believes the power of internet things is key in the future of modern society due to the growth of the number of devices becoming connected devices. He offers insights and advice on technology to individuals and modern businesses looking for better possible ways to capitalize on technology in future, and what Jason Hope knows.


Jason Hope Philanthropic Involvement

Jason Hope is passionate about giving back to the community. He supports the SENS Foundation as this foundation goes beyond treatment of diseases to using technology to reverse or slow down the aging process. SENS Foundation is working on reversing diseases such as respiratory illnesses, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer and heart disease using technology that prevents these diseases from even developing.

Scientists have isolated 6 natural compounds that could help us slow down ageing #antiaging

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) June 20, 2016

Jason Hope mentors high school students across Scottsdale and develops grants programs for entrepreneurs. He a dedicated interest in politics as related to business in Arizona state and nationally, and

Market America Vitamins: Making America Fit And Healthy

Supplements are an essential part of staying fit and healthy. Doctors always swear by supplements, giving their patients prescriptions to fill out with myriad pills that are found at chemists and pharmacies all over the world. No matter what the patient is suffering from, or not suffering from, doctors want to prescribe a supplement for it all. But sometimes, even the doctors do not know what the best things for one’s body are. Everyone is built differently. They all have different needs and different proportions in which they need those needs. Even so, there are people who treat patients as a one size fits all, whereby they treat everyone in the same way. At the end of it all, the patient who is taking these supplements would know their body the best. They are the ones who spend countless hours with it, searching online if even the slightest thing starts to alarm them. For this purpose, patients should also possess the basic knowledge of essential supplements, and the proportions that people need them in.

Market America Vitamins are a health and wellness company who knows that their customers want nothing short of the very best. The healthcare company believes that they have the power to aid people, depending on the kind of illness or disorder that they have. Going by the policy of every customer is different, Market America Vitamins have come out with multiple ranges so that they can diversify their customer base and try to cover every array possible.

Market America Vitamins are extremely safe and do not come with an extensive list of side effects. In fact, a lot of doctors do recommend that one takes these supplements to get the daily dose of nutrients that they need. Currently, the company has several customers all over buying their products.

About Market America: