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Louis Chenevert innovative brains

Louis Chenevert has vast experience and knowledge in leadership having been is various working positions.

He is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Louis assumed the position as a chair in 2010 and became the president of UTC in 2008 after showing tremendous leadership skills and doing exemplary well in his current position. Prior to serving at UTC, Louis worked as the director of United Technologies. Formerly, Louis Chenevert worked with Pratt and Whitney as the president of the entire company. He had spent about 14 years working with General Motors, St Therese Operation General Motors as the general production manager.

Louis Chenevert has vast knowledge and excellent educational background. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Production Management major from Montreal University. He also received from Montreal University an Honorary Doctorate in 2011. Louis Chenevert has been chairman of the Montreal International Advisory for some years now. He is also the founding director as well as the chairman of the Friends of HEC.

Louis Chenevert has been reputable for understanding his clients and meeting their needs. He ensures that he supply his market with the high-quality products, which meets the required standards. At UTC, Louis Chenevert incorporated numerous ideas for the future of the company. He launched a GTF engine that reduced noise and the consumption of the fuel hence reducing the cost. He also went on with innovation and introduced new x2 machinery that reduced the noise and increased the speed of the helicopters. His innovative ideas were born through putting more focus on the engineering as well as operational talents that are vital in the delivery of concepts, which meet the customers` expectations. Louis` innovations have contributed greatly in the aviation field and have boasted the company`s reputation and the general sales.

Louis Chenevert has strong leadership strategies, which when he combine it with his talent and knowledge yield a desirable result to the firm. For someone to become innovative and successful like Louis, need to have a follow-up on agendas, push agendas, have focus, be passionate and optimistic, and provide operational executives. Louis always dreams of big things in life and try as much as possible to eliminate roadblocks.