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Julia Jackson’s Undying Passion for Wine

29-year-old Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of wine making couple and founders of Jackson Family Wines Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Born in 1988, Julia Jackson says that wine has been a part of her life and an area of interest since as long as she could remember. Growing up around a wine making a couple, she was very involved in the wine making process, starting with the picking and sorting of grapes under the bidding and close supervision of her father who believes passionately in the importance of hard work for success in life. She has kept this lesson in mind throughout her life, putting in hard work in all her endeavors including her education. This could be seen from the high performance she achieved at the Scripps College.

Ms. Jackson is a soft spoken business savvy individual who brings her hard work ethic and passion in everything that she does. She has been involved in different positions within her parent’s company and has been instrumental in reinventing the business brand image since she took over as the company spokesperson. She challenges the popular notion that the millennial generation is uninterested and disloyal to old wine brands, often chasing after trendy brand names. She reiterates her family’s committed to sticking to the brands that made her father’s company successful over the years, holding very strongly that most trendy brand names rarely stand the test of time, unlike vintage brands like her family’s.

However, beyond wine manufacturing and wine marketing and branding, Julia Jackson is also very passionate about women empowerment. She believes that although her father played a preeminent role in the success of their company, it was her mother who was the real driving force behind such success. She says that her mother embraced a more practical approach to doing the business work while her father was more romantic in his approach. In recognition of the great role that women play in the success of communities, Ms. Jackson founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program which celebrates warrior women. This company awards 100,000 dollars each year to nonprofit organizations that enhance their belief of community, equality, and spirit in women empowerment.

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EOS Natural Lip Balms Best For Lips and Pocketbook

Naturally derived lip balms are best for moisturizing chapped or dry lips. Moisturizers that contain vitamin E which has both antioxidant and moisturizing properties is just one of the lip softening ingredients found in many lip balms including a readily available and fairly priced one called Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms, also known as EOS lip balm, contain mostly organic and all natural ingredients to soothe, moisten and smooth lips. One ingredient, jojoba oil is one of the most moisture rich oils found in nature. Calming and comfortable, jojoba oil is derived from the jojoba nut tropical tree. Shea butter is similar in softening and soothing properties but is a creamy and emollient raw material. Like jojoba, it is derived from a natural plant source.
When looking for a natural lip balm, the above mentioned ingredients are recommended by dermatologists and beauty reviewers alike.

If you like fruity flavors, then EOS organic delivers. With flavors like honeydew, strawberry sorbet and new organic lemon twist, your smooth lips will taste as good as they feel. No other lip balms have the signature round shape of the EOS lip balms. They are both delightfully fun and functional. Another great advantage, the average price of this soothing balm is only about three dollars. They also have tinted products for a bit of color.

In fun striped versions, there are EOS visibly soft lip balms. Not organic, but all natural, they boast the flavors of vanilla mint, coconut milk and blackberry nectar.
For those who prefer a traditional lip balm lipstick like container, EOS does have a sweet mint flavor in that configuration.
Whether you purchase EOS brand or another, do look for natural ingredients and avoid waxy petroleum derived moisturizers for healthier lips. Refer to their Facebook and Linked In pages for more information. Visit the website

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WEN: A Product That Is Loved Worldwide

At the age of 21, Chaz Dean was in search of a product he could trust enough to use on his own hair. He wanted to create a product that would cleanse his hair without leaving it stripped and damaged. Chaz began experimenting by boiling herbs and fruits to make potpourri. He would use the potpourri as a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse his hair. After a couple tests, he was confident in his results and began further experimentation.

It took Chaz five years before he was completely satisfied with the cleansing formula. After he perfected the formula, the product was introduced to a group of his closest friends and colleagues. He used their opinions as an advantage point and furthered his dedication and commitment, to make a product that people would not only use but love worldwide.

Chaz Dean first launched Wen hair 16 years ago. As of today WEN has over hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who all have something to say about their experience with the products. Emily McClure is a writer on, who tested out a WEN cleansing conditioner on her hair for over a period of a week. She took a photo of her hair before and after she used WEN each day. Wanting to give some insight on her experience with using WEN for the first time, she decided to write an article. She explains that the reason she tried WEN was because she had thin hair and wanted to give it some bounce and add a little moisture. After only a couple of days you could see the results in her photos and you can truly understand why it is that she believes this is a “great product”. Wen hair products are available on Total Beauty and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

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How Did Wen By Chaz Do When Tested By Someone With Thin Hair?

WEN Hair by Chaz did very well when tested by someone with thin hair who works for The girl went off on her own to sure that the shampoo got a fair test, and she showed every part of the process of washing her hair in pictures. She picked the sephora sweet almond cleanser for the experiment. The review is a revelation that people with thin hair will love, and they will have their first chance to make their hair thick, and they will feel like they can make a complete change to the way that they take care of their hair. There are many people who are going to need this just because they have never had a good shampoo, and the review is very telling.
The review starts off by showing that it does not take much of the shampoo at all to get results. It will lather easily, and it will clean someone’s whole head of hair easily. It worked just as well for the girl who did the review, and she made sure that the review including her completely washing and rinsing her hair. She went on to make sure that she had styling done on her hair, and her hair looked really smooth when it was done. This is a great thing for someone who wants to make sure their hair will be clean, and they can use Wen hair by Chaz more often than not.

Everyone who wants to make sure that they can have thicker hair will stop the shedding and care for their thin hair. Everyone who wants to make the most of their hair needs to start using Wen by Chaz so that they can get help with shedding. The shedding will stop, and then everyone can get their hair clean without worrying about doing any damage to their hair or their scalp.

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