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Banco BMG’s Leader is Marcio Alaor BMG

The top boss of Banco BMG Group is Marcio Alaor BMG. The group is the main sponsor of the national soccer team of Brazil. Banco BMG’s logo appears on the shirts of football players. The company also sponsors almost forty football clubs. Some of them display the company’s logo on the chest and back of shirts while others display the logo on sleeves of the shirts. The difference is due to whether the group is a main sponsor or a minor sponsor of the club. In addition to this, two women’s volleyball teams and three men’s volleyball teams in the Super League also get sponsorship from Banco BMG.



To keep itself on the football shirts, Banco BMG is using the formula of diversification. Marcio Alaor said that the strategy is working very well for the company to keep itself in the business for years. The reason why Banco BMG is growing is that it entered the payroll of the national football team of Brazil. Despite all those efforts, the public had reservations too. They did not know the brand very well, and most of them were concerned about the retirement benefits. Banco BMG worked on that part, so the public is happy now. Now people say they know BMG when they see the company’s credit card.



According to Marcio Alaor, there are ten areas which have great job opportunities for people in 2017. For all labor workers living across the country, it is a very good news. Due to the recent economic crisis, the unemployment rate has reached up to twelve percent. The figures are alarming according to IBGE research; it means many Brazilian families are affected by the economic downturn. However, companies are continuing to offer employment in different sectors. The best way to take advantage of this situation is to register at special websites where job opportunities are posted. A person has to complete the online registration form, and explore the wide range of job opportunities. The most important part to check about a job posting is the salary range and location. The online resume of a candidate exposes him to a huge number of companies registered on the websites.



Marcio Alaor further said that twenty-three thousand jobs were posted by employers during the first ten days of January 2017. The jobs belong to different sectors and are offered in different parts of the country. According to Adzuma survey, there are ten sectors which offer the majority of jobs. Marcio strongly suggested that people should consider salary range and location before applying for the job. The areas that offer lots of the job opportunities to people include engineering, restaurants, hospitality, logistics, accounting and finance, consumer service, health, maintenance, information technology, operations, administration, and sales. According to the survey, the area of sales is offering over six thousand jobs with an average salary of two thousand dollars.

Martin Lustgarten Understands Corporate Financial Transactions

The professional life of an investment banker can be exciting, challenging, and stressful. In the banking industry, the investment banker is held in high esteem. The success or failure of an investment bank sometimes hinges on the skills and talents of investment bankers. The responsibilities of investment bankers are numerous. However, the primary responsibilities for many investment bankers concern corporate financial transactions, attracting corporate clients, acquiring corporate clients, and maintaining corporate clients.


The reason why corporate clients are such a focal point in the responsibilities of investment bankers is because investment banking is structured and designed in a manner that makes investment banking user friendly for corporations. The structure of investment banking has three areas. All three areas to some degree are designed to work well with corporations in relation to corporate financial transactions and corporate business dealings.


A large majority of corporate financial transactions concern financial transactions that involve mergers, acquisitions, or similar corporate financial activities. Investment banking has a specific area that is focused on financial transactions that are centered on mergers and acquisitions. This area is highly popular in the corporate world. Both small and large corporations utilize investment banks because investment banks understand the various components that comprise the financial transactions that are a major part of the corporate business world.


Investment bankers understand the role that investment banks play in the financial transactions concerning corporate mergers and acquisitions. Many of these financial transactions are very complex and involve large sums of money. Therefore, the knowledge and skill that investment bankers have is very important in relation to completing these financial transactions.


One of the investment bankers who is making a difference in the investment banking segment is Martin Lustgarten. He is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm. Martin Lustgarten started his firm Lustgarten Martin based on his experience as an investment banker. He utilizes his investment banker experience to cultivate an investment banking firm that is respected in the banking industry.


Martin Lustgarten investment banking firm has a blend of small and large corporate clients that seek his assistance concerning a variety of corporate financial needs. Martin Lustgarten provides investment services regarding mergers, acquisitions, and related corporate business dealings. In addition, he helps his clients with other corporate financial business activities. Follow them on Twitter for more information.