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All About Brown Agency

Brown Agency was got its name after Wilhelmina Austin gained ownership of it. Before Wilhelmina gained ownership of the agency the name of the business was Heyman Talent-South. It was a great business move to merge the businesses together because they bother were large agencies in one region. Brown Agency is unique because it is the only agency in Austin, Texas that is full service. In addition, Brown Agency is also a commercial talent agency! As of today, Brown Agency is very popular and it has a huge following!

Since the opening of Brown Agency many models have been show cased in a very positive light! Brown Agency has had their models in well known fashion shows. They are also known for dressing their models in expensive brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Loreal, and more! Brown Agency models has modeled in Miami swim week, New York Fashion Week, and Dallas Fashion Week, just to name a few! Not Only does Brown Agency pride themselves in high fashion wardrobe, but they also pride themselves in choosing quality people! Brown Agency is known for treating their models with dignity and respect. If you model for Brown, you should know that you will most likely change 5-8 times per fashion show. They make sure that their models receive great care and attention when working with them!

Brown Agency also prides themselves in high quality venues. All of their fashion shows are always decorated in an upscale manor. In addition, they always have refreshments and champagne for the guest who attend the fashion show. They have maintained a great reputation throughout the years and it is evident through their work. All of the spectators at the fashion shows are always excited to see the show because they know it will be one well worth it.

Justin Brown is the president of Brown Agency. Brown Agency has between 50-100 employees total. Brown Agency is special because they work hard to find special talent. Justin has a quote that says, “we are only as good as our talent.”. Justin and the company does a great job choosing individuals who are reliable with great work ethic and talent. Many models have gained fame from working hard with Brown Agency! As of now Brown Agency has an open call looking for new models. If you are interested in modeling please check their website frequently for open calls, or simply send them a message through their website! Check out their Instagram for more


José Henrique Borghi, the Advertising Genius

José Henrique Borghi is a household name in Brazilian advertising. He is known for his creativity and the innovative approach that he takes when developing advertisements. He was born in Presidente Prudente, a city (município) in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. José Borghi graduated from PUC Campinas with a degree in Advertising.

In 1989 his career began at Standart Ogilvy. Borghi, later on, moved to other agencies such as DDB and FCB. Eventually, he decided to start his own agency and thus partnered with Erh Ray and together they started BorghiErh Agency. Jose Borghi insisted that they start from scratch, without any investment or help from anyone. They were inspired and motivated to work harder to their success.

In 2006, their efforts were paid off after their agency gained massive recognition in Brazil and Lowe&Patners bought the company. It was then that José Henrique Borghi and Erh Ray decided to split the leadership of the firm. José Borghi opted to start a business on his own with the intention of serving better his clients. After sometime, Ray sold his share of the agency, and its name changed to Borghi Lowe.

Since then, the agency has served Unilever, Fiat, Delta Airlines, Asia Motors, and American Express as some of its clients. The agency recently merged with Lowe & Partners and formed Mullen Lowe. Borghi and Andre Gomes then became co-CEOs of the new advertising company, Mullen Lowe, which has become a very famous ad agency in the Brazilian advertisement sector with their success stories greatly attributed to José Henrique Borghi and learn more about Borghi.

Borghi cites his efforts and hard work as the main pillar of his great success. He says that because he is so much of a doer and persistent, he is a marathon runner. Borghi’s ads and campaigns have enabled Jose to receive many awards. He has 10 Clios Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 15 April Advertising Awards, and 14 Cannes Lions and contact him.

Borghi suggests Brazilian advertisers and retailers need to take advantage of the increased access to the internet. Jose believes that online business engagements will advance Brazil’s economy through increased revenues.Jose Borghi believes that it is only by getting to know what people really want, that it will be possible to serve them fully with what they need and his Facebook.