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Jeff Yastine Chief Editor of Total Wealth Insider Gives Counsel to Investors

Jeff Yastine is an editorial director at Banyan Hill publishing. He joined banyan hill publishing in 2015, and since then, he has significantly contributed to the growth of the company. At the company, he works as the chief editor of Total Wealth Insider, a weekly publication that focuses on helping investors identify profit-making opportunities. He also contributes in writing other popular publishings of the company including Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. Jeff also writes for Medium .com, he keeps his readers updated with the latest monetary trends, economic status of the nation and lucrative business ideas.

Banyan hill is lucky to have Jeff Yastine in their company as he brings in vast experience in finance and investment. He has an excellent reputation of helping startups and small business owners thrive in their businesses. Since his appointment in 2015, Jeff Yastine’sTotal Wealth insider has been increasing its readership every day. This has led to the general increment of subscribers at Banyan Hill. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

The Emmy Award nominee journalist holds a telecommunication degree from the University of Florida. He has spent a better part of his career life as a business journalist. He worked as a correspondent anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report for more than 15 years. He specialized his career on financial and investment issues. As a journalist, he interviewed numerous business owners, prominent entrepreneurs, investors and CEO’ including Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Michael Dell. In 2007, he was nominated for the Business Emmy Award for his special report on America’s underfunded infrastructures. In 2002, he was among the NBR journalist team that won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accounts; the award was to appreciate excellence in financial journalism.

Jeff Yastine has used his career as a journalist to educate and warn investors. In the 2000s, he advised investors to be cautious during the real estate crisis and the unsustainable 2000 dot-com bubble. He has also utilized his career for humanity causes. In 2010, he helped the victims who were affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He has also reported on national disasters like the Hurricane Katrina that took place in 2005. He also reported a special edition on the influence of foreign automakers when they were building manufacturing plants in the southeastern parts of the United States. Jeff Yastine has also traveled to Cuba twice to report on the impact of foreign investors on the nation’s economy. Learn more:

Success and Accomplishments of Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a renowned banker that has broad experience in banking sector. He has served in the banking industry for about 4 decades. This makes him to be well conversant with the banking system and providing high-quality services that are significant for the growth and development of banks. Anil has been serving with top leading banks in the world where he has expertise in private and corporate banking, corporate advisory and investment banking with business all over between India and Europe.

Anil Chaturvedi is the managing director at Hinduja Bank since 2011. He executes his responsibilities in a professional manner in this company where Anil facilitates cross-border alliances between Europe, India, Asia, and the USA. Also, he leads the firm in mergers and acquisition, raising capital from investors and international organizations. The role that he plays in the Hinduja Bank is evident since the bank has been recording high performance and significant progress in the banking industry making it to be leading internationally.

Before Anil Chaturvedi joined Hinduja Bank, he was the managing director at Merrill Lynch, branch manager (development and planning) at State Bank of India and also served at ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York as the Vice President and senior representative for US operation. All the senior positions that he served in various banks before joining his current bank equipped him appropriately with the required skills to be competent. Anil has extensive skills in capital marketing, financial market, private equity, trading, and business strategies amongst many more.

Anil Chaturvedi received his B.A in Economics from Meerut University in 1971 and his M.B.A at Delhi University in 1973. Therefore, it is a fact that Anil is knowledgeable on matters to do with the banking industry from the qualifications he had from Delhi University. It is not simple to be in the industry like Anil Chaturvedi for over 40 years and still be competitive without the required skills. The capability, commitment, and passion that Anil has in his career drive him towards achieving his lifetime goals. The banks that he has worked with can attest his contribution towards propelling them towards making significant global touch.

Steps in the Growth of ISO Industries

OSI group is an amalgamation of multi-million corporations which supply foodstuffs worldwide. It began as Otto and Sons; a corner meat shop owned by Otto Kowlchoski. Otto was a German immigrant in Chicago. With, his sons became part of the business owner. The name changed to OSI industries. Today, they supply food on a global scale. Their outlets range from tiny retail stores to significant supply chain stores.


Their origin is in the migrant history of the USA at the time of the agrarian revolution. Disenfranchised farmers and job seekers migrated from Europe. A group settled in Chicago Illinois and invested in the meat industry. Some of the meat businesses established then were family meat distributors and retail companies. Here, OSI was born, as a small retail store which metamorphosed into a franchise business. Today, OSI is a multinational firm which engages new developments in technology for the best services


The industries supply foodstuff to wholesale and retailers. Among their most significant clients are mac Donald restaurants. Their products include Pizzas, hamburgers and poultry products. They have clients across the United States. They also supply food to other countries like Spain, Austria, Germany and Poland. They have 65 sections and 20,000 workers and customers in 17 countries.

Innovation and Growth

The ISO group strives to embrace technology to enhance efficiency. It is one of the world’s largest food supply businesses. ISO industries were among the first real franchises in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. They use flash freezing as a mode of food preservation. Today, use technology to enhance operations and boost client confidence.

Change, Expansion and Diversification

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin the company’s investment consultant assumed its leadership. In the 80s he became the CEO and chairperson of the group. In the late 70s, the firm extended its operations to many parts of the USA. McDonald’s remained its main client or outlet. The industries have a place in the world trade organization. They featured in Forbes magazine as one of the largest private firms. Their specialty is protein products. They control the supply of Baho food in Europe. They also supply dough food. Also, they promote sustainability and environmental conservation.

ISO group is a formidable trading food supply firm in the world. It has multinational partners and continues on the international scene. It embraces technology to enhance efficiency and client satisfaction.

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AvaTrade Review on its Successful Commercial Operations

In the recent, AvaTrade Review invited Forex brokers on board. They included substantial information for their brokers to boost their zeal for their trading. The firm’s financial report detailed in the review appreciated their efforts into reaching $60 million. The company is based in Dublin. However, most of their offices are in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Shanghai, Nigeria, Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, South Africa, and Paris. The Irish Central Bank regulates the operations of the AvaTrade.


In the review article, AvaTrade appreciated their team of professionals for offering quality services to their clients. Since it is an international Forex company, it has staff who are fluent in many languages spoken all over the world. It is also convenient due to their 24/7 business operation rule. AvaTrade also provides their clients with a variety of software. They include AvaTrade, MetaTrader, Mobile apps for androids and iPhones, AvaTrader, MacTrading and much more. The company gives its customers the freedom to create their accounts online and that of choosing their most preferred currencies. Besides, AvaTrade provides bonuses by boosting the investments of their users by a certain amount especially for those who invest with up to $ 100 000.


More specifically, AvaTrade trades in equities, bonds, Bitcoins, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), commodities, market indices and many others. Due to such enormous diversity, the company receives clients from over 200,000 accounts worldwide. Apart from Central Bank of Ireland, AvaTrade has other regulators such as Financial Services Commission and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, the Financial Futures Association of Japan and much more. Moreover, AvaTrade acquired its legal documents for operating the business from Japan, European Union, South Africa, British Virgin Islands and Australia.


As a successful company, AvaTrade is known for winning accolades such as Best Customer Support, Best Alert System, Best Forex Broker 2016 and Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider. The firm owes these awards to its incredible network systems which enable reliable operations of AvaTrade Trading Platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, Meta Trader platform for floating spreads, Meta Trader platform for Mac, Platforms for Automated trading, Meta Trader platform for mobile trading, AvaTradeAct platform forex and CFD trading and Meta Trader platform for web trading.

Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Services Leading From the Front

Robert Deignan is proud that his firm, Advanced Tech Support also known as ATS Digital Services, is the first call center company to be certified to provide premium support services to the client software applications by AppEsteem Corporation. AppEsteem is a firm that was established by a group of Microsoft cybersecurity experts to certify applications and other related services. The certificate is handed out to a firm that has met all the 39 compliance parameters required by AppEsteem.

Deignan stated that comprehensive customer-focused compliance is the cornerstone of ATS. He noted that the firm had already met some of AppEsteem Corporation’s requirements at the beginning of the year and it was only a matter of time and commitment before they met the remaining ones to be certified. These requirements are based on the inputs from the law enforcement, the software industries, government regulators, security firms, consumer groups and call centers. These requirements along with others are meant to build a more healthy and sustainable software downloading industry while protecting the consumer.

About ATS

This is a firm that provides premium digital support services to clients worldwide. The Florida based company is committed to ensuring that the customers get quality products and services. The company is also interested in keeping its clients happy as this is among its highest priorities. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has given technical support to a countless number of clients. Being the only certified firm in its field, it is expected that it will attract more clients and open doors for new businesses.

About Robert Deignan

Robert attended the Purdue University in 1992 and graduated with a B.S in Business Management in 1995. Shortly after finishing his education, he co-founded Fanlink Inc. in 1998 where he worked until early 2001. In mid-2002, Robert joined iS3 inc. as the executive vice president a position he would hold until July 2011. In August 2011, Robert Deignan co-established ICE, LLC which was later renamed to ATS Digital Services, LLC. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Apart from business, he also finds time to take part in water sports and boat building where he has even won a few awards.

Who is Wealthier: Rockefeller, Rothschild or Randal Nardone?

Fortress Investment Group co-chairman Randal Nardone has joined the list of billionaires due to his company’s profound success. How does he compare to some well-known billionaires, such as Rockefeller and Rothschild? Who is wealthier – Rockefeller, Rothschild or Randal Nardone?

Rewarding Foresight

It is not easy being #1. It means that your organization has something that no one else has. No other hedge fund had ever gone public before Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group did it back in 2007.The Fortress Investment Group was able to buy up undervalued assets and remake them. Assets might be unified with similar assets to create a new company. Or, they might be merged into other entities.Randal Nardone was able to use his financial expertise to create a great deal of wealth for the Fortress investors. Previously, this wealth would have only adhered to a very few select principals. Now, any shareholder could benefit from the wisdom of the billionaire Randal Nardone.

Randal Nardone’s Fortress of Power

For some billionaires, their rank on the Forbes Billionaire’s List seems very accurate and definitive. You can find exact numbers for Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Randal Nardone. For example, Randal Nardone was #557 on Forbes’ 2007 Billionaire’s List.For those billionaires whose primary source of wealth is in one particular stock – Bill Gates in Microsoft, Warren Buffet in Berkshire Hathaway, Jeff Bezos in Amazon and Randal Nardone in the Fortress Investment Group – wealth calculation might be easier. For other billionaires, their wealth might be much more diversified.

Randal, Rockefeller & Rothschild

The Rockefellers originally made their wealth from Standard Oil; but over time, their holdings have become very diverse. They have media companies, centers, plazas and foundations named after them. Should all of the Rockefeller wealth be lumped together? The Rothschilds are bankers, but they also had multiple brothers who built up the family business. They tended to be very private and are still that way to this day. Some quip that JP Morgan was actually a lieutenant of the Rockefellers.So, based on the evidence at hand, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are still way ahead of Randal Nardone. He has only one generation of billionaire wealth. If the Nardone relatives can spread throughout the world, then they might eventually be able to catch up to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

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Roberto Santiago-creating Beauty

Roberto Santiago is a 58-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur who owns the most extensive and biggest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira shopping mall is located in a strategic area in the second most significant town in Brazil. The iconic mall built on a big piece of land purchased in 1987 and completed in 1989. The high demand for shopping malls in Brazil necessitated the need for shopping complexes making the sector to grow tremendously. In 2015 it believed the shopping sector had a 6.5 % growth giving the zealous mall owners like Roberto Santiago a reason to expand and celebrate. Brazil boasts of 538 shopping complex with more being build up and its estimated additional of 30 shopping malls are receiving they’re final touches and ready for occupation soon.

The shopping industry in Brazil has created over 1 million employment opportunities with the people of Paraiba enjoying the chance created by Manaira shopping. It boasts of a food court, financial institutions, a college, latest architect designer concert hall on the rooftop, a theatre with high technology devices, a gaming area that accommodate both young and old and expansive shopping areas. The complex brings out a tourist attraction, leisure hub and hotbed of business opportunities with the stunning Domus Hall offering accommodation to more than 50,000 during an event.

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall receives approximately 2 million people every year visiting different sectors. The household consumption sections top the list with many Brazilians frequenting the mall for household goods and family relaxation time. According to Rafaela Barros the mall manager he attributes the frequent and high number of shoppers due to the stable county retail sector and the unique design of the mall.

Since the inception of Manaira Shopping Complex in 1989, it has undergone five more expansions adding classy interior beauty that’s attracting. The shopping mall boasts of being the most significant and most extensive in that area with approximately 75,000m2 per lettable area and over 280 stores. Its constructed between the beach and Paraiba center. Roberto Santiago came up with this idea to provide exciting shopping opportunities with scenic views for the whole family.

Manaira offers a city within classy city beauty and amenities. Well crafted and planned with top class finishes and veneer with the ability to lure Brazilian people to visit the mall frequently and enjoy life.

Roberto Santiago main vision was to create a masterpiece in Joao Pessoa State that would transform the city making it a hub of shopping and leisure. The Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of being the most famous hang out place for entrainment, shopping and eating out.


Flavio Maluf: Why Partnering with Duratex is Necessary

The Eucatex Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Brazil. They are known for manufacturing items that will be used in house building, and they are also credited for being the first and the largest company that is adept at operating this kind of business. One of the recent changes revolving the Eucatex Group is their announcement that the company will now be partnering with Duratex. The two companies would have to work side by side, and they will be trading different assets as a form of thanks for the merger that has followed through.

According to Flavio Maluf, he has given Duratex a large scale property that they could now modify. Many businesses are now transforming the city where the headquarters of the Eucatex Group and Duratex can be located, and they are positive about the partnership between the two companies. As a gift to Duratex, the Eucatex Group donated some of its lands to the company. The Eucatex Group explained that the partnership they have signed with Duratex would only ensure elastic garments and any other products. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Flavio Maluf is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has a background in mechanical engineering, obtaining his degree from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP). He is also a great performer at school, and he received a lot of awards in the past. Knowing that he will be inheriting their own family business, Flavio Maluf decided to help his parents in managing their family business. He is one of the reasons why their business grew because he has a hidden skill in management. The company is now distinguished as one of the most successful Brazilian companies, and he is continuing his drive in transforming the Eucatex Group as a game changer.

The Eucatex Group traces its origins in Salto, a city where the company was founded in 1951. It was Flavio Maluf’s family who started to build a business in the area, and they are welcomed by the locals because they provided additional jobs. Later on, the business boomed, and they managed to influence the country’s manufacturing industry. Learn more:



How “Pulp Fiction” Producer Lawrence Bender Changed Hollywood

There are many Hollywood producers who seek to change the world of movies. However, one producer has not only changed movies forever, he still continues to challenge the conventions of filmmaking. That producer, Lawrence Bender, is one of the rare Hollywood hitmakers who also creates work that makes waves during awards season.

Lawrence Bender wasn’t always at the top of the Hollywood game. In fact, you could say that he started and languished for years at the very bottom of the Los Angeles movie making machine. Throughout the 1980s, Bender was working as a production assistant and later a producer of low-budget slasher films. But it would take a chance encounter in 1990 that would change everything.

It was at a mutual friend’s barbecue that Lawrence Bender met another person trying to make it in the world of Hollywood – Quentin Tarantino. At the time, Tarantino hadn’t made his first real film. However, Tarantino did have an ingenious idea about a heist movie. And when Tarantino pitched it to Bender, the young producer knew that he had gold in his hands. He encouraged Tarantino to go ahead and write the script while he secured financing for the movie. Two years later, “Reservoir Dogs” was born.

The success of that first film allowed both Bender and Tarantino to make their sophomore effort. Seeing it as their chance to make a big statement, the duo swung for the fences. The result was “Pulp Fiction,” widely considered to be one of the greatest crime films of all time. The film would go on to gross over $100 million dollars in the domestic box officer and earn Bender the first of three Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

Born in the Bronx, Lawrence Bender has always been a producer who played by his own rules. In his three-decade career, Bender has produced over 50 films with three being nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Today, Bender continues to produce films for commercial audiences as well as art house fans. As he enters his next decade of producing, Lawrence Bender will look to shock, delight and challenge movie fans around the world.

Find Out What Sussex Healthcare Can Offer New Employees

A fantastic opportunity to work with area seniors is now being offered by Sussex Healthcare. This leader in healthcare for elders has announced several positions in their award winning team of caregivers and supportive care networks. All of the valuable employees that work at Sussex Healthcare are all important members of the larger family group of employees.

Everyone is encouraged to offer recommendations for improving any of this organization’s services. The top administrative leaders believe in maintaining a relaxed and highly positive work environment. The residents staying within the 20 senior care homes are always considered VIP’s each and every day.

Seniors deserve that respect that their knowledge and living experiences have earned them. All of the employees working for Sussex Healthcare are committed to always providing the best type of care humanly possible. The leaders at Sussex Healthcare continue to provide the best equipment and supplies necessary to give the finer healthcare that is expected in these facilities. The beautiful surroundings encourage a casual and homelike atmosphere that benefits employees, residents and visitors alike. Visitors often are amazed by the comfortable buildings that each have a unique charm and special added amenities. Some of these include gorgeous blooming gardens, nature trails, lush green landscaping and magnificent indoor furnishings.


Even with the upscale setting, everyone working at Sussex Healthcare tries to maintain a level of old-fashioned family type atmosphere. It is common to find the employees and even administrators joining in on some of the fun activities and various group classes provided for the residents every day. Sussex Healthcare continues to improve the already phenomenal services. Now, the organization includes a glorious gym that is brand new and boasts a lovely pool. The building is staffed so seniors and disabled adults have support when exercising or swimming. The warm water is beneficial to those that suffer from painful joints and aching bones and/or muscles.

Highly skilled therapists working in the physiology, occupational, speech and recreational fields all work together with the other staff for a unified approach to care. All of the residents are encouraged to keep active with their families and friends whenever possible. Cozy lounge areas give the seniors somewhere comfortable to sit and visit with guests. The fabulous meals and gorgeous dining room give the residents a chance for wonderful meals with peers. Sussex Healthcare has a lot to offer both the residents and the employees.