Roberto Santiago-creating Beauty

Roberto Santiago is a 58-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur who owns the most extensive and biggest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira shopping mall is located in a strategic area in the second most significant town in Brazil. The iconic mall built on a big piece of land purchased in 1987 and completed in 1989. The high demand for shopping malls in Brazil necessitated the need for shopping complexes making the sector to grow tremendously. In 2015 it believed the shopping sector had a 6.5 % growth giving the zealous mall owners like Roberto Santiago a reason to expand and celebrate. Brazil boasts of 538 shopping complex with more being build up and its estimated additional of 30 shopping malls are receiving they’re final touches and ready for occupation soon.

The shopping industry in Brazil has created over 1 million employment opportunities with the people of Paraiba enjoying the chance created by Manaira shopping. It boasts of a food court, financial institutions, a college, latest architect designer concert hall on the rooftop, a theatre with high technology devices, a gaming area that accommodate both young and old and expansive shopping areas. The complex brings out a tourist attraction, leisure hub and hotbed of business opportunities with the stunning Domus Hall offering accommodation to more than 50,000 during an event.

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall receives approximately 2 million people every year visiting different sectors. The household consumption sections top the list with many Brazilians frequenting the mall for household goods and family relaxation time. According to Rafaela Barros the mall manager he attributes the frequent and high number of shoppers due to the stable county retail sector and the unique design of the mall.

Since the inception of Manaira Shopping Complex in 1989, it has undergone five more expansions adding classy interior beauty that’s attracting. The shopping mall boasts of being the most significant and most extensive in that area with approximately 75,000m2 per lettable area and over 280 stores. Its constructed between the beach and Paraiba center. Roberto Santiago came up with this idea to provide exciting shopping opportunities with scenic views for the whole family.

Manaira offers a city within classy city beauty and amenities. Well crafted and planned with top class finishes and veneer with the ability to lure Brazilian people to visit the mall frequently and enjoy life.

Roberto Santiago main vision was to create a masterpiece in Joao Pessoa State that would transform the city making it a hub of shopping and leisure. The Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of being the most famous hang out place for entrainment, shopping and eating out.