Flavio Maluf: Why Partnering with Duratex is Necessary

The Eucatex Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Brazil. They are known for manufacturing items that will be used in house building, and they are also credited for being the first and the largest company that is adept at operating this kind of business. One of the recent changes revolving the Eucatex Group is their announcement that the company will now be partnering with Duratex. The two companies would have to work side by side, and they will be trading different assets as a form of thanks for the merger that has followed through.

According to Flavio Maluf, he has given Duratex a large scale property that they could now modify. Many businesses are now transforming the city where the headquarters of the Eucatex Group and Duratex can be located, and they are positive about the partnership between the two companies. As a gift to Duratex, the Eucatex Group donated some of its lands to the company. The Eucatex Group explained that the partnership they have signed with Duratex would only ensure elastic garments and any other products. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Flavio Maluf is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has a background in mechanical engineering, obtaining his degree from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP). He is also a great performer at school, and he received a lot of awards in the past. Knowing that he will be inheriting their own family business, Flavio Maluf decided to help his parents in managing their family business. He is one of the reasons why their business grew because he has a hidden skill in management. The company is now distinguished as one of the most successful Brazilian companies, and he is continuing his drive in transforming the Eucatex Group as a game changer.

The Eucatex Group traces its origins in Salto, a city where the company was founded in 1951. It was Flavio Maluf’s family who started to build a business in the area, and they are welcomed by the locals because they provided additional jobs. Later on, the business boomed, and they managed to influence the country’s manufacturing industry. Learn more: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/5913933/flavio-maluf-traz-dicas-que-podem-ajudar-transformar-sua-ideia