Try Southridge Capital for All Your Financial Services

Southridge Capital offers expert advice and financial solutions to their diverse group of clients who are seeking ways to improve their financial positions. It has an excellent management team of five individuals with Stephen M. Hicks as the Founder and CEO. The professional team is aware of experiences of every growing company and is committed to executing financial plans for its clients. So far, it has invested over $1.8 billion for 22 years and financed over 250 companies making it highly experienced. Southridge Capital has extensive coverage of services: Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet optimization, merging and acquisition procedures, restructure analysis, advising on bankruptcy, and settling litigation. Also, our clients enjoy solutions to securitization, financial problems, and credit-enhancing difficulties. Moreover, the company offers Equity Purchase Agreement which allows companies to raise capital based on their desires despite the market conditions, convertible debentures, loans against a common stock, and convertible preferred stock.

It has corporate programs that encourage their dedicated staff to work as volunteers to the community, promote leadership and financial support to the society through non-profit organizations and faith-based charities. Southridge Capital work with Daystar foundation in financing more than 15 charitable organizations. Additionally, it is working with Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corp in vital research towards Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Check out their website

Southridge Capital LLC is a rescue place for people living under a sea of debt. They have dealt with tons of clients with different types of financial problems for years giving them more experience. Hence no issue is complicated for them to handle. Southridge Capital seeks investments in emerging businesses both in local and international markets. It has successfully provided over $1.7 billion capital to companies in the United States, Asia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It also holds investments for both small and middle market companies where they customize financing plan and execute them without fail. For more details visit ideamensch to know more.

They have made investments with companies like Elite Data Services who implement their software applications to market and advertise assets which they own and control. What’s more, Southridge Capital acts as an agent with other investment banks providing clients with quality shareholder base and providing capital sources that were previously not available.

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