Find Out What Sussex Healthcare Can Offer New Employees

A fantastic opportunity to work with area seniors is now being offered by Sussex Healthcare. This leader in healthcare for elders has announced several positions in their award winning team of caregivers and supportive care networks. All of the valuable employees that work at Sussex Healthcare are all important members of the larger family group of employees.

Everyone is encouraged to offer recommendations for improving any of this organization’s services. The top administrative leaders believe in maintaining a relaxed and highly positive work environment. The residents staying within the 20 senior care homes are always considered VIP’s each and every day.

Seniors deserve that respect that their knowledge and living experiences have earned them. All of the employees working for Sussex Healthcare are committed to always providing the best type of care humanly possible. The leaders at Sussex Healthcare continue to provide the best equipment and supplies necessary to give the finer healthcare that is expected in these facilities. The beautiful surroundings encourage a casual and homelike atmosphere that benefits employees, residents and visitors alike. Visitors often are amazed by the comfortable buildings that each have a unique charm and special added amenities. Some of these include gorgeous blooming gardens, nature trails, lush green landscaping and magnificent indoor furnishings.


Even with the upscale setting, everyone working at Sussex Healthcare tries to maintain a level of old-fashioned family type atmosphere. It is common to find the employees and even administrators joining in on some of the fun activities and various group classes provided for the residents every day. Sussex Healthcare continues to improve the already phenomenal services. Now, the organization includes a glorious gym that is brand new and boasts a lovely pool. The building is staffed so seniors and disabled adults have support when exercising or swimming. The warm water is beneficial to those that suffer from painful joints and aching bones and/or muscles.

Highly skilled therapists working in the physiology, occupational, speech and recreational fields all work together with the other staff for a unified approach to care. All of the residents are encouraged to keep active with their families and friends whenever possible. Cozy lounge areas give the seniors somewhere comfortable to sit and visit with guests. The fabulous meals and gorgeous dining room give the residents a chance for wonderful meals with peers. Sussex Healthcare has a lot to offer both the residents and the employees.