Jason Hope Views his Donations for Research on Anti-Aging as Satisfying Moments

As someone who looks toward the future for solutions to today’s problems, business entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope, has made it his personal goal to assist research being conducted in the field of anti-aging. More specifically, he has donated over a million dollars to help the SENS foundation counter the effects of aging. The anti-aging research conducted by this organization focuses on reducing or eliminating age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s. The contributions made by Jason Hope are being used to help target specific elements that break down and cause aging over time.

Jason Hope does not take his entrepreneurial investments lightly. He acquired a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and then went on to obtain his MBA from Arizona State’s affiliate business school. In the early years of his career he launched a mobile communications company, which led him to direct his focus on other ventures within the field of technology. In addition to funding the research conducted by the SENS foundation, he also invests in the futures of young people by awarding grants to those who have the most promising ideas.

It was this interest in promising ideas that drew Jason Hope toward the SENS foundation’s research on anti-aging. He has described his passion for this cause as being fueled by the organization’s dedication to finding cures for the medical conditions that lead to the eventual break down of the systems inside the body. As a self-described futurist, he believes the steps taken on the part of the SENS foundation will bring about more permanent changes in the fight against age-related diseases.

As a business investor, Jason Hope views his ventures as challenges or opportunities for growth. He also sees social media as a great marketing tool for making connections with potential customers as well as with new business opportunities. He approaches his business and investment ventures with a positive outlook that allows him to easily move onto the next project if the current one is not heading in the right direction. Jason Hope still views the contributions he has made to the SENS foundation as among his most satisfying moments in business.

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