Dr. Mark McKenna is the Intelligent Founder of OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO and founder of OVME, which is a medical aesthetic company that is looking to disrupt the industry. The idea for the company came from his own experience after working for more than a decade in the field of medical aesthetics. He has already grown a successful company and sold it, and he learned so much through the process that he has taken with him into his new company. By setting regular goals and using visualization as well as meditation, he has been able to bring OVME as well as many other of his ideas to life.

After Hurricane Katrina devastated his businesses, Dr. Mark McKenna helped to rebuild the city by working with others to construct low income housing opportunities. When he felt like he could do no more, he moved to Atlanta Georgia and worked hard to raise $4 million from a spread of investment firms. This is where OVME’s mobile app began, and the funds also allowed him to build clinics in Atlanta and Nashville. The lessons he learned from watching his businesses get destroyed during Hurricane Katrina helped him to develop better long-term plans to help OVME stand the test of time.

Dr. Mark McKenna has revealed that he is an avid reader who is in love with reading books. He believes that learning more can lead to higher productivity and that books are the key to this. He, purposefully, reads books from a range of genres, because he likes to broaden his horizons and feels that he gets many of his ideas in the process. On top of this, he keeps the amount of software that he has limited to programs that he knows he will use. Two of his favorite programs are Microsoft Word and XCEL.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School and is licensed in medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He now calls Atlanta, Georgia his home and enjoys spending his off-time with his wife, Gianine McKenna, their daughter, Milana Elle, and the family Pomeranian.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmarkmckenna