Jeff Yastine Identifies The Next Opportunity For Investors

Jeff Yastine is an editorial director. He works for Banyon Hill Publishing, a company he joined in 2015. For over 20 years he has worked as a financial journalist and as an investor in the stock market. He writes Total Wealth Insider which is a financial newsletter that releases a new edition each month. His financial newsletter focuses on looking for under-the-radar companies that he thinks are about to take off.

By doing research Jeff Yastine recently wrote that he has spotted the next tech industry to take off. As he has written before, things need to change or else they stagnate. Companies often need to deal with new rules which increase the cost of doing business. He says that companies need to efficiently deal with new rules or else their stock prices will ultimately drop. He says that companies that use a new technology called regulatory technology, aka regtech, will thrive will those that don’t won’t be able to effectively compete.

Regtech is the next part of the industry he sees as being very successful. Companies in this industry use things such as blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to reduce the costs of complying with regulations. They offer platforms to other companies so that they can reduce the cost of regulatory compliance he says. Read this article at to know more about Jess Yastine

Bain & Co is the international management consulting company that came up with the term “emerging regtechs”. They identified 80 companies in this industry. They said that the technology these companies have created are now being used in the banking and insurance industries which are the most highly regulated industries around. Jeff Yastine says that if companies in these industries are to increase profits they have to make use of regtech platforms.

The 80 companies that make up the regtech industry are all still privately held. Jeff Yastine says that most are still in their startup phase. He expects them to substantially grow in the next few years as their technology is used by more and more companies. This makes them an excellent opportunity for investors, he says.

Jeff Yastine says that the old way of dealing with regulations costs companies over $10 million a year. The new regtech, he says, will reduce these costs to around $300,000 a year. He says that government entities are also supportive of regtech. For example, the OCC said that these types of companies might be given access to a national bank charter which would make them more bank-like authority. Check out this video: